Arts Curriculum Project Guidelines

All prospective applicants are encouraged to read and follow the guidelines in the Arkansas Arts Council publication Planning a Successful Arts in Education Program before submitting an application. In conjunction with this publication, an additional set of checklists is also available for sponsoring organizations to consider when working in an optimal AIE program. Contact Kim Davis, Arts in Education Program Manager if assistance is needed in planning the AIE Arts Curriculum Project or completing the grant application form.


An Arts Curriculum Project applicant must be a certified 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization or be a federal, state or local government or governmental unit; a church or convention/association of churches; a hospital, hospital service organization or medical research affiliate; a public school or institution of higher learning.

Eligible Major Arts Partners may submit one proposal in one of the three Arts in Education categories. 

Criteria Scoring

The Council has established a weighted scoring scale that the AIE Arts Curriculum Project panel is instructed to use during review to evaluate the narrative categories. The sections are scored on the following scale:

  • Program description - 30 points
  • Planning and Outreach - 30 points
  • Accessibility and Special Needs - 15 points
  • Implementation and Evaluation - 25 points

Application Limits

Eligible applicants that receive General Operating Support may submit one proposal for an AIE Arts Curriculum Project and one proposal in either of the two remaining Arts in Education categories. Eligible applicants that do not receive GOS may submit one AIE Arts Curriculum Project proposal.

Matching Funds

A 1:1 cash match is required. Matching funds that are anticipated at the time of application must be received and obligated no later than June 30, 2020.

The source for matching funds cannot be other Arts Council funds, Arkansas Arts on Tour reimbursements, subsidies for artist fees through the Mid-America Arts Alliance or grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.

In-kind contributions may not be used as matching funds on applications or counted as matching funds on final reports. They may, however, be included in the application as evidence of the commitment of additional resources.

Project Requirements

Planning Committee

Form a planning committee for the project to develop the project goals, select the project consultant or artist, plan, and implement all details. An AIE program coordinator should be determined to be the contact person and primary administrator for the project.

Artists and Consultants

Applicants may use AIE roster artists or outside consultants of recognized professional and educational experience to implement the AIE ACP. Applicants wishing to use an outside consultant must submit with this application:

  • the consultant’s resume, which should include recent experience in educational settings as an artist or consultant
  • a description from the consultant of the proposed AIE Arts Curriculum Project activities
  • three letters of reference

The required consultant information will be reviewed in conjunction with the AIE ACP application. Consultant information will be used as an important piece in evaluating the overall quality of the proposal. The consultant information must show his or her qualifications to meet the goals of the proposed project. If an applicant is using an artist from the AIE roster, the organization must include an indication that the roster artist is part of the described AIE Arts Curriculum Project proposal.


Budget Information


Artist/consultant fees may vary, but state rates for travel, lodging, and meals are listed below for reference.


If the artist/consultant is outside of the residency site’s phone calling area, reasonable round trip travel expenses may be included in the budget proposal. Travel by car should be estimated at 42 cents per mile. If the artist/consultant lives in another state, travel expenses can only be estimated from the Arkansas state line to the location of the residency.

Lodging and Meals

The Arkansas Arts Council will fund meals at $55 per day and lodging expenses up to a maximum of $94 plus tax per night for the artist/consultant during the ACP program. Any costs over these limits must be paid from other sources of funding. If the artist/consultant must travel more than fifty miles per day, it is recommended he or she stay overnight in the site’s community.

Prior to submitting an AIE Arts Curriculum Project application, the sponsoring organization should consult with the artist/consultant to determine acceptable lodging arrangements prior to submitting the application. Sponsors are encouraged to pursue possible in-kind donations for lodging.


Sponsoring organizations should discuss supply needs with the artist/consultant and determine costs prior to submitting the application. In-kind donations for supplies are encouraged.