Major Arts Partners Guidelines


To be eligible to become a Major Arts Partner, an organization must:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) arts organization with a three-year average total income equal to or greater than $1 million for FY17 (2016-17), FY18 (2017-18, and FY19 (2018-19)
  • Generate at least 25% of operating revenues from earned income
  • Generate at least 25% of operating revenues from contributed income or sponsorships exclusive of endowment income
  • Have a staff person designated to develop and implement the pre K-12 educational outreach program if applying for an AIE grant

Application Limits

Eligible Major Arts Partners may submit a maximum of two proposals: one application in the MAP General Operating Support category and one in a MAP Arts in Education category.

Matching Funds

Specific match requirements are noted in the instructions for each grant category. Grant requests must be matched by cash from sources other than the Arkansas Arts Council, the Mid-America Arts Alliance, or the National Endowment for the Arts. Portions of the proposal not involved in the specific Arts Council request and its match may be funded by government sources.

Matching funds that are anticipated at the time of application must be received and obligated no later than June 30, 2021.

In-kind contributions may not be used as matching funds on applications or counted as matching funds on final report.

MAP General Operating Support Request Amounts

MAP applicants may request a maximum of 5% of the average of its last three years adjusted actual operating income in FY17, FY18, and FY19 up to $75,000.

MAP General Operating Support Application Cycle

The MAP GOS organizations will be panel reviewed in FY20 to determine a panel ranking as the first year of a three-year review cycle. While the panel ranking remains constant, subsequent request amounts in Years 2 and 3 are determined each year from 5% of the average of the last three completed years' total incomes up to $75,000. Final grant awards are determined by staff review once the eligible request amounts are adjusted by the FY20 panel scores.

For example, the request for FY21 would be based on 5% of the average of actual income totals from FY17, FY18, and FY19. The grant award would be the result of the request factored by the panel score from FY20 and the amount of money available to grant out.

Major Arts Partners can apply for proposal funding in one of three Arts in Education categories:

AIE In-School Residency (AIE ISR) grants of up to $40,000 are awarded to place professional artists in residencies at specific school sites or in conjunction with other nonprofit community or governmental organizations and institutions. The AIE In-School Residency program provides a way for artists to demonstrate their art form, create or perform works of art so that participants may observe the creative process and relate their art form to other pre K-12 curriculum areas.

AIE After-School/Summer Residency (AIE AS/SR) grants of up to $10,000 are awarded to sponsor artist residencies that provide positive alternatives for children and youth during non-school hours.

AIE Arts Curriculum Project (AIE ACP) grants up to $10,000 are awarded to schools and nonprofit or governmental organizations and institutions to help support projects that advance the goal of arts as a basic part of education. Projects must seek to enhance current arts curricula or must assist in the goal of establishing on-going arts programming and/or curricula in schools and organizations.

Artists eligible to work in a MAP AIE program are freelance independent agents engaged to provide certain services. They are not considered contract employees of the applicant organization.