Sally A Williams Artist Fund Guidelines

Sally A. Williams Individual Artist Assistance Grants are available to artists in the literary, performing and visual arts who are residents of Arkansas for at least one year at the time of application and who will remain Arkansas residents at least until completion of the funded professional development opportunity. Visual artists must be members of the Arkansas Artist Registry and may apply for the registry at the time of application. Artists must receive notification from the Arts Council that the application has been approved prior to the beginning of the professional development opportunity. Funds will be paid as reimbursement to the artist after the Arts Council receives a final report and receipts for travel and lodging expenses, registration fees or consultant fees.

Assistance grants of up to $500 are intended to support professional development and advance an artist’s career. A request must be matched by the artist with a cash amount equal to or more than the grant. Artists may receive a minimum of $100 per application. For example, an artist may wish to participate in more than one workshop or project per year.

Projects may include:

● Registration or travel to a conference, retreat, symposium or workshop that will enhance the professional work of the recipient,

● Consulting fees for establishing or growing the applicant’s related business, e.g. marketing or business plan.

Those artists not eligible for Assistance Grants:

● Under the age of 21

● Full time students

● Non-residents of the state of Arkansas

● Recipients of an individual artist grant during the current fiscal year.

● Recipients of S.A.W. funding of $500 within the current fiscal year.

The Assistance Grant will not support:

● Fees or travel for the artist whose primary reason for attending an activity or program is to present or teach a workshop

● Publishing costs

● Supplies

● Capital equipment

● Any expense not directly related to artist professional development.