Nominate an Artist

submission deadline is MONDAY, Nov. 16, 2020. 

Is Your Nominee Eligible for 2021?

  • A nominee must be a craft artist who is a current resident of Arkansas and has lived in the state for at least one year at the time of nomination.
  • Eligible artists must work in a traditional craft form, such as basket weaving, bladesmithing, glassblowing, broom making, doll making, leatherwork, metalsmithing, musical instrument making, pottery, quilt making, toy making, weaving, woodcarving or other functional crafts.
  • Nominees might have exhibited their work at a local and/or national level, taught, lectured or written about their craft as their contribution in maintaining and advancing the art form.
  • Current Arkansas Arts Council members, staff of the Department of Arkansas Heritage or their immediate families, and selection committee members are not eligible to nominate or be nominated. Posthumous nominations will not be accepted.
  • An independent panel of professionals in the field of craft will make the selection.
  • Information for your submission:

    • Attach a typed statement substantiating the nominee’s contribution to his or her craft. Use no more than two, double-spaced pages.
    • Nominators or nominees must submit two additional letters of support that may include professional folklorist recommendations, the artist's students and community leaders.
    • PDF submissions to the below form must be a single pdf document that contains all the letters and statements in one document. Attach the pdf file (250Mb limit) and make sure the file name does not have any spaces, periods, commas, parenthesis, colons, semi-colons or apostrophes. If the file name has any illegal characters the form will not work.

    For more information on the Arkansas Living Treasure program, call 501-324-9348 or email Robin McClea. Download a pdf form here: 2021 ALTA Nomination Form 2021 ALTA Nomination Form (816 KB) .

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