Photos by Larry Pennington

Joy Pennington Joy Pennington
Executive Director
(501) 324-9770
[email protected]

Marian Boyd
Assistant Director
(501) 324-9772
[email protected]

Jess Anthony Jess Anthony
Grant Programs Manager
(501) 324-9768
[email protected]
Shelby Brewer Shelby Brewer
Media and Communications Manager
(501) 324-9349
[email protected]
Faye Croy Faye Croy
Grant Records/Administrative Assistant
(501) 324-9766
[email protected]
Cynthia Haas Cynthia Haas
Arts in Education Manager
(501) 324-9769
[email protected]
Janet Harney Janet Harney
Expansion Arts Program Manager
(501) 324-9782
[email protected]
Cheri Leffew
Special Events/Projects Manager
(501) 324-9767
[email protected]
  Robin Muse McClea 
Artist Services Program Manager
(501) 324-9348
[email protected]
  Janet Perkins
Community Development Program Manager
(501) 324-9775
[email protected]
  Brazier Watts
Grants Administrator
(501) 324-9781
[email protected]
Teena Woodworth Teena Woodworth
Fiscal Officer
(501) 324-9780
[email protected]

Funding for the Arkansas Arts Council and its programs is provided by the State of Arkansas and The National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.