Northwest Region
Fayetteville, Arkansas
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TheatreSquared provides year-round educational offerings for Arkansas students, their educators, and adults interested in theatre.

T2’s in-school programs range from one-day sessions to semester-long residencies. Residencies will be custom-built to address the needs of each individual student population. Particularly strong areas of interest include engaging students in learning across the curriculum and increasing literacy skills though the engagement with theatre.

T2 also provides professional development for educators through our T2 Professional Development Institute, a week-long cross-curricular drama integration program and can offer one-day in-service sessions statewide.

TheatreSquared’s staff has received assessment model training from the Theatre Communications Group and the AWE Institute and can work with educators to ensure that goals are met and the outcomes of each residency are properly assessed.


Founded in 2005, TheatreSquared (T2) is Northwest Arkansas's regional theatre, producing professional work that is challenging and heartfelt, intimate and entertaining. The company strives to ensure that audiences of all backgrounds have access to its artistic and educational programs. Our staff consists of theatre professionals who hold degrees in acting, directing, playwriting and arts leadership. All of our teaching artists have professional experience in their areas of expertise and engage in ongoing professional development and curriculum development training.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Senior High
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: open
Special Needs: Open Space. Other specific needs will be determined based on needs of the residency.