Amy Scoggins

Amy Scoggins

Visual Arts
Northwest Region
Fort Smith, Arkansas
[email protected]

As an educator Amy uses a three- tiered structure of:
1) developing technical skills within an artistic media
2) challenging the students in creative thinking and problem solving
3) investigating an art form or artist within their historical and/or cultural setting

One of the exciting programs completed with high school students at Central High School in Springfield, Missouri combined a study of the recycled arts produced in West Africa with the study of rhythm and 3D construction. After learning about artists in Senegal the students took a field trip to a recycling facility and were able to fill their bags with interesting objects from which to construct their own recycled sculptures. The goals of the program were wildly exceeded as students became engaged with their “trash”, inspired by it as a visual media, and learned through trial and error how to build, connect, arrange, and redesign. In the end they had a strong 3D work of art demonstrating craftsmanship and the principle of rhythm. When finished with this project students had a new ability to see the possibility to use any thing in an imaginative way to create art.

In her career Amy has worked with students and teachers from all skill sets, backgrounds and ages. Each new opportunity to learn and create, while adapting to the needs of the group, is an exciting challenge.


Amy Scoggins is a second generation artist and educator born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors from Missouri State University in 2001 and a Masters in Education degree from Drury University, both in Springfield Missouri. After graduation Amy taught art in a public high school for four years until the birth of her first child. Since that time she has maintained a free lance art career and had the joy of sharing art with young and old alike through instruction in art museums, private camps, churches, and community groups. She is currently working with an amazing group of home schooled teenagers at Grace Academy in Fort Smith.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: all ages
Geographic Availability: Fort Smith and surrounding areas
Time Availability: open
Special Needs: The purchase of necessary consumable supplies to complete the projects will be the only expectation.