Angela Cooper

Angela Cooper

Out of State Region
Olive Branch, Mississippi
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In Angela's approach to aesthetic education, she likes to set the students up for those eye opening moments as they interact with the art and make personal connections to the art form. She does this by presenting ice-breaker and beginning activities without much contextual information. As she presents snippets of the art form through imaginative exercises, the students begin to build a bridge that will eventually connect them to that art form. For example, in her cubist sculpture residency, Angela's goal for the students is to gain an understanding of the cubist style, a new way of seeing, and how to make a 3-D sculpture from a 2-D material. She begins guiding the students with a small movement exercise involving balance. Through open ended questioning, students discuss what occurred during the balance activity. We segue that discussion into balance as it relates to sculpture. Afterwards, they have a guided building activity where the parts of a group sculpture are put together by small groups of students at their group tables. After more observation and noticing, students are given materials for constructing their own slotted cubist form. For the outcome, students eventually compose a cubist inspired sculpture from a 2-D material (cardboard). Students are expected to be able to follow directions as narrated and should have some dexterity in using scissors, glue and other art media (paint) as it applies to the exercise.

In another residency with a focus on printmaking, students learn about layering and techniques involved in reduction printmaking using scratch-foam plates for one, two, and three color printmaking processes. This activity is very adaptable for K-12 grades and advanced art classes.

Angela's ultimate goal is for the student to place him or herself in place of the artist and have a shared experience with the art form, the processes that artist went through in creating the art, and making connections to that work. Engagement begets imaginative thinking!

Angela is available to conduct workshops for teachers and other groups.


Angela is a practicing professional multi media artist, muralist, and teaching artist with a degree in Graphic Design from Memphis State University. Her work is included in private and public collections across the United States including DeltaARTS in West Memphis, AR; St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN; and the Kroger Store café in Hernando, MS.

As a teaching artist, she has been active with DeltaARTS in West Memphis, TRAHC in Texarkana, the Germantown Performing Arts Center in Germantown, TN, and the First Regional Library system in North Mississippi among other organizations. Some of her artist residencies have included lessons built around: Picasso and cubism; Kahlo and portraiture; Monet and painting; cross cultural art forms (for example: Mexico and Dia de los Muertos, los Luchadores); origami, tessellations, and geometry; mural creation; relief and 3-D sculpture; puppetry construction and shadow puppet theater; Aesop’s Fables; musical instrument making; drawing from life; mask making; book arts and printmaking; kaleidoscope construction; Victorian animation toys; guerilla art; found object art; wearable art; collage and mixed media.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Elementary; Middle/Junior High
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: November-December; January - May
Special Needs: Access to water/sink for clean-up. Large table for materials. Room for wet work to dry. Students should have basic supplies including pencils, scissors, crayons, glue or glue sticks. Wall or display space for art display. Marker Board for writing instructions or Smart Board for showing slides and/or instructions