Anne Bell

Anne Bell

Visual Arts
Central Region
Little Rock, AR
[email protected]

I became invested in arts-based education when I founded St Nicholas School of the Arts while living in
Iowa. My belief is the arts are a vital part of human experience, and, therefore, necessary for a complete
education. The best way to incorporate the arts into education is to bring the excitement of the arts into
every subject.

I have K-12 experience in arts-based education, both in teaching and in curriculum development. The
arts are a safe space for students to try out new ideas and to develop their own. In the visual arts, there
is no penalty if artwork does not develop as expected. In fact, the failure of one work of art may lead to
an even more interesting new work in the future.


I was born an Arkansas artist, who left home to get an education back East, then returned to Arkansas with
arts-in-education experience to share. I have a bachelor’s Degree from Sarah Lawrence College, New
York; and studied at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Initially I worked in traditional media such as egg tempera, drawing, painting, and printmaking. Over
time this has meshed with new skill sets in digital artwork. My style is light, and I enjoy investigating
curious dilemmas through art.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Middle/Jr High and Upper Elementary grades 3-5
Geographic Availability: Within 100 mile radius of Little Rock
Time Availability: Year-round
Special Needs: Art supplies, tables, chairs, sinks, aprons, as detailed for each specific residency. Will be enumerated with the lesson plans.
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