Anne Bell

Anne Bell

Visual Arts
Central Region
Little Rock, AR
[email protected]

I plan and teach one- and two-hour Art Studio classes, organized into five or six-week courses for young
students. Each class launches with a presentation of new concepts and ideas; sample images;
demonstration of any novel technique; vocabulary with definitions; and discussion. Then, fortified with
ideas, art materials, and the opportunity to make something new, the students enjoy expressing
themselves through their artwork. Art Studio courses have included, among others: drawing; painting;
printmaking; collage; letters, words, symbols; and (my personal favorite) mixed media


Students are sometimes startled that, as a child, I always wanted to be an artist, and –I am an artist.
Largely self-taught, I first consigned artwork to a Little Rock gallery when I was fourteen. A few years
later, during a gap year in college, I was fortunate to show my artwork on consignment in two
Massachusetts galleries (one in Boston!), and to be part of a small group show in New York City’s SOHO
district. I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, and avidly studied Architecture at
Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Subsequently, a couple of pivotal life choices led me head-on into
the field of Pre-K--12 education. For 16 years I modified and developed curriculum to facilitate the
practice of the arts across all subjects, grades Pre-K—12. Then, I taught that curriculum. So I had the
benefit of seeing what worked and what did not. The sum of that experience transferred well to the
conventional classroom. In my K-8 Art classes, despite meager resources, we covered many arts topics,
such as: student teams which competed to design, build and test boats that actually floated while piled
with increasingly heavy weights; and students who collaboratively organized, judged, mounted, hung,
and hosted the opening of an art show of original student work. At present, I am an artist who teaches.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Middle/Jr High and Upper Elementary grades 3-5
Geographic Availability: Within 100 mile radius of Little Rock
Time Availability: Remote availability through December 2020. Available for small groups starting Jan.2021.
Special Needs: Art supplies, tables, chairs, sinks, aprons, as detailed for each specific residency. Will be enumerated with the lesson plans.
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