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School music teachers have expressed a need to Link Up students to the symphony orchestra! Most students are missing out on the connection to symphonic music and the proven benefits that connection brings. The APO is filling this gap by partnering with Carnegie Hall to present a national program of the Weill Music Institute called Link Up, a cornerstone program for eighty partner orchestras across the country and around the world.

Through Link Up, students are invited to not only attend a performance presented by the APO, but also to perform with the orchestra! The scripted concert includes music of diverse cultures, masterpieces, an interactive power point presentation, a choir on stage, and just plain fun. Music teachers carefully prepare their students by implementing the researched and developed curriculum provided free of charge by Carnegie Hall. School music teachers are supported throughout the year by APO musicians and Carnegie Hall through a development workshop, instructional materials provided free of charge, and musician visits in their classrooms When concert day arrives, students are excited to demonstrate what they have learned as they sing, dance and play their recorders from their seats in the auditorium.

Fayetteville music teachers have demonstrated exceptional leadership during a four year partnership with the APO and Carnegie Hall. “By working together throughout the year to prepare for the concert, students should not only experience lessons that align with the national and local standards, but also experience the joy of success as they collectively realize and share their accomplishments.” – FPS music teacher, Carlena Lambert.
This collaborative project has proven to reach students in many ways. One participant writes, “The concert made me feel relaxed. It’s just the rhythm of the instruments. They were really peaceful. It makes me get all my worries off of my chest. It was the prettiest thing I have ever heard.”

The APO is eager to reach more students and delighted to bring this prestigious program to Fayetteville, Rogers, Siloam Springs and the Arkansas Arts Academy in 2017. For more information on how to bring APO/Link Up to your school, please call 479-841-4644. You may also visit our website –

Through the 2015 - 2016 Season, the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra partnered with Carnegie Hall to prevent the Weill Music Institute’s prestigious program Link Up. Four concerts were presented in May 2016 in partnership with the Arkansas Arts Academy, Siloam Springs School District and the Fayetteville Public Schools. Over 2400 third through fifth grade students actively participated in a live, symphonic concert as they sang, moved and played recorders from their seats in the auditorium. School music teachers were supported throughout the year by APO musicians and Carnegie Hall through a development workshop, instructional materials provided free of charge, and musician visits in their classrooms. For most students, this was their first experience attending a live orchestral concert.


The Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 2008 with the vision that symphony orchestras have the obligation and the ability to empower communities and promote positive change through music. Music Director, Steven Byess was hired in 2010 to enhance the artistic quality of the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra (APO) while also expanding educational programs. Under his astute leadership, the APO has presented full symphonic concerts in Northwest Arkansas featuring internationally recognized soloists, as well as collaborations with local ensembles. In addition, APO musicians are committed to empowering young people through the organization’s cornerstone educational programs; Arkansas Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Carnegie Hall’s Link Up and the University of Arkansas Concerto/Aria Competition.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: all ages
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: open
Special Needs: chairs, music stands, microphone for talking; screen or wall for power point program

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