Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Emsembles & Education Quartets

Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Emsembles & Education Quartets

Central Region
Little Rock, Arkansas
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The String Quartets create new “demos” yearly and each demo is designed to teach basic musical ideas that enhance and augment Arkansas’ music curriculum frameworks. The Quartets can also play accompaniment to on-going recorder classes in the schools. Each demo is accompanied by specific “teacher supplements” to help the teachers prepare for the student/quartet interaction. Through listening and interaction, children learn to identify connections between music and the other arts, as well as art, science, history, literature and math. Demos in the past have focused on learning about different periods of music, composers and cultures, as well as the basic elements of music. This musical exposure lays the foundation for success in other subjects such as mathematics, language and science. Music education and participation also helps strengthen individual self-esteem and cognitive skills. In preparation for the ASO’s annual Children’s Concerts, the ASO provides in-service training to teachers and provides online materials for both teacher and student.

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Now in its 50th season, the ASO, comprised of 72 of Arkansas’ finest musicians, performs over 30 concerts each year in the Stella Boyle Smith Masterworks Series, Acxiom Pops Live series, River Rhapsodies Chamber Music Series and Children’s Concerts. The orchestra maintains a busy schedule of statewide touring and educational performances in various venues. Central to the ASO’s mission are the two resident string quartets (The Quapaw and Rockefeller Quartets) and the Arkansas Symphony Youth Ensembles Program, which includes more than 200 students from 36 communities throughout the state.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Elementary; Middle/Junior High; Senior High
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: September - May
Special Needs: None.