Cathy Mason

Cathy Mason

Visual Arts
Northwest Region
Alma, Arkansas
[email protected]

The inclusion of, math, science, literature, and often music is used to inspire the educational artistic experience. All of the art projects provide a connection to the Common Core Learning Standards. I can work with schools, community organizations, and non-profits. A hands-on environment enhances the learning experience. The goal is to unite educational topics into art projects, so students will be more informed, and have a better understanding of the subject/topic. Listed below are a few examples, but I will work with teachers and leaders to design a program specific to their needs.

Example # 1: An historical review of printmaking from the inventors of the first printing press, passing to Andy Warhol who created Serigraphy (common name: screen-printing), and arriving at modern day printing presses. Students will have hands-on experience of creating their own designs and learn to make paper stencils in order to produce a one color print on paper in multiple copies, and if they choose, students will be giving the opportunity to create a simple one color print design they can do hands on printing of their own T-Shirt. The use of a professional whole punch, registration tabs and squeegees will be used in the process and the tools are my personal tools.

After the residency has been completed, students may choose to work independently or on class projects to create greeting cards or T-shirts to sell in order to raise money for the schools art program.

A second option for print making will allow the students to create their designs followed by carving their designs using linoleum blocks. Students will then be required to print 10 prints in a one color (more prints can be produce while supplies last). Students can create their own unique designs to include but not limited to: Birthday cards, anniversary cards, Mother's day, Christmas, thank you cards, whatever their creativity inspires them to do. This will show an appreciation of how the printing press of yesterday, has been transformed into mass printing production of today. Graphic Design will be discussed.

Example # 2: To connect with the modern day term of Superhero, students can create their own comic book. Taking the topic of literacy and finding a way to choose a hero, to aid in the students learning, by exploring the needs of the child with the superhero coming to save the day! This program is designed to create storytelling to coincide with artwork in a stapled booklet. This process allows for the student to express their needs in a manner they feel comfortable, as it can also focus on the needs of others.

Example # 3 of a Superhero book: This could reach to the local sheriff's department, or step back to the historical time of the US Marshal. With the opening of the US Marshals museum, in the near future, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, students can connect history to the modern day need for protection. The Superhero selection could be any professional field; teacher, nurse, fireman, doctor, military etc. and of the students choice, in order to tell their story. It can be imagined or real. My father/mother is a hero because…

Example # 4: During WWII, people came together to make what was known as Victory Gardens, to help people survive hard times, and provide for the lack of food. In society today, there is a large movement for community gardens, farmers markets, and the need for bee pollination and education, to encourage people to grow their own life sustaining food. Math and Science will be incorporated into the knowledge of production and storage of foods. Designing their own garden plots, raised beds or creating unique ways to grown sustainable food, may be applied to real life for years to come.


Cathy Mason was born in Arkansas and has traveled throughout the US and abroad. First exposed to art in the Alma Public School District, she continues to produce art. She began her collegiate studies at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith (UAFS) in 2005, where she obtained a BA Double Major in Studio Art and Psychology. She earned her Master's of Science and National Certified Rehabilitation Counselors License (CRC), through the Graduate School of Rehabilitation Counseling, University of Arkansas in 2015. She has had the privilege to substitute teach in the Mulberry-Pleasant View School District, and also enjoyed working with the Mulberry Senior Inn, in a classroom setting of teaching seniors the joy of painting. She has also worked with the Van Buren School District, Hopes Academy after school program, and taught at Arkansas Tech University. She also works with Bost in Fort Smith, the Center for Art & Education in Van Buren and worked with the Kids Kicking Cancer project at the Reynolds Cancer Support House in Fort Smith.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Middle/Junior High; Senior High; Adults
Geographic Availability: Western Arkansas and Russellville west area; other locations depending on time of year and length needed for residency
Time Availability: open
Special Needs: