Chelsye Ginn

Chelsye Ginn

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As a teaching artist, I ensure that actors are equipped with the necessary tools to tell stories with clarity, honesty, and imagination. Therefore, I believe it is entirely necessary for actors to engage their sense of play. I am a huge proponent of incorporating games and acting exercises in my classes that connect to the curriculum and encourage actors to tap into their creative impulses. I also incorporate creative dramatics help an actor warm up his or her body, voice, and imagination. My classes feature group games and exercises that strengthen social skills, build ensembles, and engage kinesthetic learners. When I teach, I strive to help students understand texts, unlock their creativity, and tell better stories. For Artist Residencies, I develop lesson plans based on the literature included in each grade level's common core curriculum. Last year, in my first grade class studied Cinderella tales from around the world, and at the end of the residency they performed a staged production of The Egyptian Cinderella. In my eighth grade classes, students studied Shakespeare from an actor's perspective. We played games rooted in Elizabethan language and translated scenes into our modern vernacular. Their classes culminated in a staged reading of a scene from Much Ado About Nothing. Trickster tales were the primary focus of my fifth grade classes: one class performed a short play about Raven and the other performed a play about Anansi the Spider. I help students deepen their understanding of the texts they read in their literacy classes by allowing them to bring those stories to life and put them on their feet. Furthermore, I encourage teachers to participate in theatre games and playmaking activities so they can add them to their instructor toolbox to use throughout the year. My lesson plans can be happily adapted to tie into any English, Social Studies, or Science curriculum.


Chelsye P. Ginn is a professional actor, musician, director, and teaching artist who resides in Fayetteville, AR. Originally from Florida, Ms. Ginn holds a BA in Theatre from Florida State University's School of Theatre, which is constantly ranked among the best drama schools in the world. During her time at FSU, she studied Shakespeare performance, voice, mask work, and dialects under London theatre professionals at FSU's Theatre Academy London.After graduating from Florida State, Ms. Ginn has worked as a professional actor, director, fight choreographer, stage manager, and teaching artist in Northeast Florida and the Seattle, WA metro. In the summer of 2013, she relocated to Northwest Arkansas and has worked as an actor and teaching artist with Artist Laboratory Theatre, Arts Live Theatre, the Trike Theatre, NWACC, and Arkansas Learning Through the Arts. She has also furthered her education by attending the AWE Institute for teachers at the Walton Arts Center.Ms. Ginn has worked as a teaching artist at theatres, summer camps, and in-school programs. She has experience teaching drama to students aged 5-18, as well as adults. A versatile instructor, Ms. Ginn has mounted full-length broadway musical productions with dedicated drama students and made literature come alive for younger students in summer school through arts integration programs. In the past year, she has taught improv, musical theatre, stage combat, and creative movement classes at Youth Theatres as well as drama residencies rooted in literacy at intercession programs and summer school. Whatever the venue or subject matter, she incorporates a sense of play into her passion for teaching. In addition to her love for theatre, Ms. Ginn harbors a passion for music. She is a classically trained singer and performs in an acoustic singer/songwriter duo called Mountain Shore. ""

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