Chris Espinosa

Chris Espinosa

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Keller, TX
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Want your students to write more in their seats? They need to learn how to think on their feet! Students strengthen their writing skills and with Espinosa's improv-based writing lessons. The improv techniques they learn demonstrate the connection between the spoken and written word. Your young writers gain the confidence to write as they improvise and collaborate in small groups. As the week progresses, students write a rough draft for an expository, a narrative, or a script. They also have the opportunity to share it in class.

Prior to the visit, Chris Espinosa contacts the teachers for input on how to adapt his lessons for state language arts requirements and/or the writing method they may be using in the classroom. Although his program is not associated with any specific writing method, his lessons support all lessons your teachers may be using in the classroom. Chris Espinosa’s philosophy: build strong writing skills and students will succeed, regardless of the test.

After the visit students will know:
• The difference between expository essays, personal narratives, and scripts
• Three steps of the writing process: (1) plan/draft, (2) develop, (3) revise
Students will be able to:
• Write an expository essay, a narrative, or a script
• Create an effective introduction and a satisfying conclusion for expository essays and narratives/create effective dialogue for scripts
The Students will appreciate:
• The connection between the spoken and written word
• The importance of critical thinking


Chris Espinosa chased a cottontail rabbit onto a stage and became a teaching artist for the reluctant writer. Espinosa actually teaches all writers, but he has a knack for encouraging the reluctant students because he was (and at times, still is) a reluctant writer.

Improv comedy training strengthened Espinosa’s writing abilities; the more he was able to think on his feet, the more he was able to write in his seat. His improve-based writing residency gives young writers the confidence to write by connecting the spoken to written word. He didn’t create his residency with any specific writing test in mind; however, scores on the Texas state-mandated standardized test increased at campuses that have hosted his program. He can adapt his residency to complement any writing lessons or methods.

Chris Espinosa is the author of two books (Rocket Megabyte Texas Adventure and World Wide Wes 1.0); Studies long-form improvisation with Randy Bennett, one of the original members of The Groundlings Improv Group in Los Angeles and whose other pupils include former Saturday Night Live cast members; Founded two comedy groups (San Benito Tortilla Factory – sketch comedy, and Duck Soup Comedy – improve comedy); Illustrator of three books; Participated n the Artists as Educators Training (2015, developed by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts). He is a teaching artist on the TRAHC – ARTSMART roster in Texarkana (2012-present); Authors and More Roster (2015-present).

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: 2nd - 7th grades
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: September, October, December, February - selected dates
Special Needs: Flip chart easel and post-it note flip chart paper