Collin Brown

Collin Brown

Northeast Region
Batesville, Arkansas
[email protected]

During my residency with sixth grade social studies students in Batesville, I introduced them to an in-depth study of the Klondike Gold Rush. One of the jobs I occasionally work in Anchorage is as an actor for Art Services North, which is a company that specializes in trade shows and corporate events. As an actor for this company, I perform as a gold rush prospector and teach people how to pan for gold. With students in Batesville, I began the residency with a discussion of the historical context of the gold rush and an introduction to the state of Alaska. I then shifted to a study of the geologic conditions under which gold is formed. As a finale to the residency, we looked at historical figures who were significant to this period. Students were then taught the skills needed to pan for gold, and were given the opportunity to integrate this knowledge in the creation of their own characters. The goals of the program were to teach students more about the history and significance of the gold rush, the development of Alaska as a part of the United States, and in the context of acting, a skill that Arkansas students would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn. Available to conduct teacher workshops.


My professional work as a theatre artist spans more than a decade. I earned undegraduate degrees in English as well as speech and theatre from Lyons College in Batesville, Arkansas. After graduation from Lyons, I took four years off from my studies. During that time I joined a magic show and took off on the road for awhile. After that, I served two years as an Americorps volunteer teaching art classes for senior citizens over a ten county area of the Ozarks. I later earned my masters degree in speech with an emphasis in technical theatre and design at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: It will depend on the project.