Glenna McBride

Glenna McBride

Out of State Region
Eufaula, Oklahoma
918- 617-1689
[email protected]

Artistic activities Glenna uses as a framework to jump start a residency are printmaking, paper-making and book arts. Traditional tools and techniques used by artists working with these mediums are introduced to participants. Established drawing and painting techniques can also be developed. Introducing fiber and/or photograms into projects are current possibilities.

Glenna's residency activities are reinvented through basic curriculum subjects chosen by the site. Sessions are planned during developmental meetings and integrated with site objectives. "Natural Disasters" were emphasized with 4th graders in Texarkana at College Hill Elementary by mono printing while writing skills were emphasized in another area school by printing idioms. Several types of printing projects were used to emphasize basic art fundamentals at Mt. Pleasant in a regular high school art class. Teachers and students begin to strengthen and expand their ideas of what art can be during Glenna's residencies. Everyday objects taken for granted are rediscovered through printing, papermaking and book arts. Ordinary books and hand-made paper are given a new and unique meaning.

During Glenna's residencies it is not necessary to have any experience in the arts. Participants who feel they are already artists will enhance untapped skills. Five year olds to adults can participate in a variety of different projects. Programs can last from an hour to several weeks. Simple printing workshops have been developed into installation pieces. Many non-traditional projects created by Glenna through residency experiences are available to use as a resource.

Creative lectures & engaging demonstrations are available on printing, papermaking and book arts;  including but not limited to "Tremendous Transformations in Time" (about printmaking), "The Hornet and The Paper" and  "Stir Up a Book"

Glenna is available to conduct teacher workshops and small group adult or children classes in non-traditional settings such as in a house boat, large hallways, outside, performance stages, or in a pop up tent for example.

Residencies can serve as intensive teacher development in areas regular teachers feel uncomfortable advancing. Professional development training for teachers in arts integration and arts inclusion strategies can be developed through tried and true experiences. Strategies can be shared in a group or one on one.

Innovative activities Glenna reveals allows the participant to visualize a new approach to any subject. Glenna is also available to conduct teacher workshops and small group adult classes.


Glenna McBride earned a B.F.A. from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro with an emphasis in printmaking and a B.S.E. from University of Arkansas at Little Rock in Art Education. Glenna also maintains current certification with the Oklahoma State Department of Education to teach art in accredited schools K-12. Other professional affiliations include being a Teaching Artist with the Oklahoma Arts Council. Glenna also maintains two working art studios and galleries, one called Eufaula Main Street Studio and another called River Oaks Studio both in Eufaula, Oklahoma.  During the last 8 years Glenna was a high school art teacher at Quinton High School in Oklahoma.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Open.
Special Needs: All perishable supplies to accomplish the project such as paper, ink, paintbrushes, scissors and pencils, etc. Running water and a sink should be available nearby.