Hamid Ebrahimifar

Hamid Ebrahimifar

Visual Arts
Central Region
Little Rock, Arkansas
501- 772-1666
[email protected]

My approach to the art form in an educational setting has many sources. Through my art, be it a small sheep sculpture, human figure or landscape, I explore and express a sense of wonder, curiosity and beauty and the never-ending possibilities of life. Art is a celebration of life; art reflects the different examinations of life. Art is about looking back, looking forward and about being here now! We should never underestimate art as an essential educational tool. Through art, one can learn and investigate the most complex subjects of the humanities and sciences in a very universal yet individual way. Art has been an essential part of my life and I would like to share the joy of making art with my students. With the correct framework, I have always learned as much as my students, if not more. I create a comfortable atmosphere so students can explore materials and given themes in an engaging environment. I choose fun, imaginative and challenging subjects and include clear, step-by-step directions with suitable materials to achieve this end. An overall description of my residency program would be that it is thorough and extensive, including not only basic forms of art-making, but touching on theater and science as well. For example, in the puppetry module, we not only create puppets, we also create and perform a play with puppets. The goals of my program are varied, but the basic goal is for students to learn fundamental techniques of art and to learn something about themselves and the world around them. Available to conduct teacher workshops.

Completed the professional development workshop, Arts Inclusion: Engaging Special Needs Students in Your Residencies, presented by Richard Jenkins on May 19, 2012.


I have taught children and adults for seventeen years at the Arkansas Arts Center. A B.A. in Fine Arts and many graduate courses and workshops have provided my educational foundation. I have taught painting and sculpture to both large and small groups, indoors and out. I participated in an AIE residency program at Pulaski Heights Elementary School for five years, ending in may 2005. I have also taught in many of the outreach programs for the Arts Center. I am currently participating in a community art project at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Within 60 miles of Little Rock
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: