Jan Wolfe

Jan Wolfe

Central Region
Little Rock, Arkansas
501-231-2829 501-661-0458
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As a NBCT and A+ Fellow, creating an arts-integrated school residency is my primary goal. After taking recent graduate courses at UALR, I’ve written several lesson plans that can be adapted for elementary schools. While teaching with a 21st Century Community Learning Center this year, I’ve gained important insights into including Art in the STEM curriculum to produce STEAM, powering students’ learning.

Creating emotional literacy is what puppetry is all about! By engaging students in poems and songs, as well as stories, puppetry helps students bring text to life. When integrated across the curriculum in science, music, math, and movement activities, puppetry is an art form that enhances project-based learning.

A few of the topics are:
Creative Non-Fiction
The Science of Seeing Color
Geometry and Rhythm
Visual Poetry


Drama and puppetry can add STEAM:  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, with Art and design, enhancing cooperative learning and collaboration through project-based learning to fulfill the requirements of Common Core State Standards.As an A+ Arkansas School Fellow, as well as a National Board Certified Teacher and a graduate of the Arkansas Leadership Academy, I've had the opportunity to teach hands-on literacy comprehension skills.  These skills can be reinforced while meeting science and technology goals.  By adding a component of drama, through puppetry, to build background knowledge and personal experience for the learner, abstract concepts can be reinforced in a concrete, meaningful way across the curriculum.I am on the Board of Trustees for the Puppeteers of America and a member of the Arkansas Touring Artist Roster, performing for the Arkansas Literary Festival, and the Central Arkansas Library System on a regular basis.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: PreK-K; Elementary
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: open
Special Needs: Flexible requirements based on needs of the residency. Electrical outlet; 2-3 tables; 20' x 11' performance area; water source; daily snacks; storage space for workshop materials;contribute puppet making supplies.