Jason Suel

Jason Suel

Northwest Region
Fayetteville, Arkansas
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I fully believe that drama is an art form that can transform the way a child/young person/adult learns. Therefore, I can offer the following services: Teaching Artist Residencies: short or long-term residencies offering the students the opportunity to use drama to learn through the following: a) Drama as an Art Form: This type of residency would focus specifically on drama. I could be based around a particular text or book, which you might have as part of the curriculum. b) Drama as Performance: This type of residency would focus on the specific goal of performance. Students would have the opportunity to work together, building teamwork skills, to showcase all that they have learned. c) Drama/Curriculum Integration: This type of residency would focus specifically on taking an element of the curriculum and exploring it in a new way. For instance, using drama as a means to learn math, history, etc. d) Drama through Poetry/Art: This type of residency would focus on using drama to explore visual art and/or poetry. e) Drama with Puppetry: One of the areas I love to explore is puppetry. This type of residency could see the students learning to build different type of puppets that they would then use as teaching tools to help them further explore the curriculum. Available to conduct teacher workshops.

Presented a teacher workshop at UCA Conway June 2015.


Jason Suel is a teaching artist specializing in drama and arts integrated education. Jason began his dramatic career as an actor. He was heavily involved in his undergraduate Theatre program at the University of Central Arkansas. After graduating from UCA, and after a short stint working for churches in central Arkansas, he wanted to continue his education in theatre. He went on to achieve his Masters Degree in Theatre from the Bowling Green State University in Ohio. His experience in Ohio taught him not only how to work with young people, but to direct them. Through that time, he developed a passion for inspiring young people with my work both at the University and the local Horizon Youth Theatre. The youth theatre there helped him to find new ways to motivate and inspire those children from K to 8th grade. While in Ohio, he had the opportunity to study a group of Professional Puppeteers in Vermont called Sandglass Theater. He observed them and finally wrote his Masters Thesis on their technique. Through Sandglass, his eyes were opened to the world of puppetry and how instrumental it can be in young lives. Therefore he strives to find every opportunity to use puppetry in my work. Then he took his exploration of Theatre with and for Young Audiences to England, where he lived from October 2005 until March 2009. In England, he was able to use drama within the British Education System to motivate children. There, he also used drama and drama based activities as a springboard to talk about issues of self-esteem, binge drinking, society's influence, bullying, and a host of other "hot topics." Since moving to Northwest Arkansas in March of 2009, Jason has had the opportunity to work with/for many leading arts organizations in Arkansas.  Trike Theatre, the Walton Arts Center, Arts Live Theatre and Northwest Arkansas Community College have all employed Jason to instruct students and teachers through the medium arts integration.  Jason continues to explore the art form of puppetry and has most recently traveled to Nova Scotia to hone his puppetry skills with Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. He also travels and performs in Arkansas and regionally.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: all ages
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: open
Special Needs: none