Jeri Hillis

Jeri Hillis

Visual Arts
Central Region
Hot Springs, Arkansas
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Ms Hillis's artistic versatility allows for projects that can be individualized to fit a variety of subjects being taught in schools. In Jeri's own artwork, stories are witnessed and put to paper revealing a landscape of memories. As the artist/maker/creator reminds us of the role an actual human touch plays in creating and inventing, as through a mark of pencil or brush, in clay or in canvas, storytelling continues. Whether the project is creating a clay bowl or illustrating a book, the students will tell a story through their artwork.


Jeri Hillis is a professional artist and a teaching artist. Ms. Hillis received a Bachelor of Arts
Degree in Visual Arts from Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts and a partial Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her fields of study include printmaking, painting (oil and watercolor), ceramics, book making, mixed media and jewelry. She teaches afterschool and adult classes in drawing, painting and ceramics at Emergent Arts in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Jeri currently works with students ages 5 to adult creating ceramic pieces, prints, books, sculptures, paintings of still life, landscape and portraits. She is an active member of the Hot Springs visual arts community working as a teaching artist and exhibiting artist. Juried into The 53rd Annual Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, 2010- 2011. Invited by the Arkansas Arts Council, Jeri exhibited at the Historic Arkansas Museum Trinity Gallery for Contemporary Artists in Little Rock, 2008-09. Awarded Purchase Prize by the Arkansas Arts Council, Small Works on Paper Exhibition, 2008.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: 1st - 12th grade
Geographic Availability: Hot Springs and surrounding area
Time Availability: open
Special Needs: