Jim Young

Jim Young

Northwest Region
Rogers, Arkansas
[email protected]

Jim is an award-winning potter and a member of the Arkansas Craft Guild. His work is influenced by travels in Europe, Latin America and Asia as well his beloved Ozark Mountains. He enjoys sharing the beauty of his home in Northwest Arkansas through the flowing shapes and earth tones of his functional pottery.

Jim holds a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and runs what he calls a “therapeutic studio” which emphasizes freedom of expression and creativity. Jim believes that there is an artist in everyone and he delights in helping new artists realize their creative potential.

In his teaching studio Jim teaches functional pottery, small sculpture and raku. His studio classes meet once a week in six-week cycles, three hours per class. Jim founded a pottery program that teaches age 50 and up classes at the Adult Wellness Center in Rogers, AR.


I’ve been a functional stoneware potter for 45 years and a pottery teacher for 42 years. Since moving to Northwest Arkansas in 1999, my teaching has focused on small groups of adults from beginners to accomplished potters. In the Fall of 2009 I taught an intensive with the Benton County School of the Arts–High School through an AIE mini-residency grant.

In 2014 my wife, Sarah, and I sponsored two Colgate University students to spend an intensive training week. This effort led to a total refurbishing of the Colgate Clay Club with new materials, studio design and capabilities. We continue to counsel the clay club and offer material help and inspiration in their becoming a strong campus presence.

My two most recent teaching ventures involve consulting with two local schools (The Arkansas Arts Academy and The Northwest Arkansas Community College) on design of newly planned ceramics arts facilities to be completed in 2018.

I like to travel, learn and return home to share pottery techniques and culturally specific pottery knowledge with my students.”

Examples of my work can be found on my website here.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Middle/Junior High;Senior High School
Geographic Availability: Northwest Arkansas; Arkansas Arts Academy
Time Availability: Week days, year-round, including summer sessions. Other arrangements can be made to suit any group of students.
Special Needs: I prefer working out of my studio that I built to teach 6-8 students at a time. Schools or other facilities would would need the following equipment: kiln, wheels, basic tools, glazes, and water availability.

Pottery-making requires considerable resources, so my studio is preferrable.
For More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd7wKXjln_c