Jonelle Grace Lipscomb

Jonelle Grace Lipscomb

Media Arts
Northwest Region
Fayetteville, Arkansas

My Arts in Education program is designed to develop skills in all phases of video production for either fictional narrative filmmaking or documentary film production. Workshops and residencies may encompass a number of elements such as screenwriting, production planning, cinematography, sound and editing. Depending on the goals of the residency and the availability of equipment, students may create individual stories and produce short films or work together to produce a fictional film or a documentary film that connects the students with the surrounding community.

Students develop filmmaking skills through short assignments and then apply these skills in the production of short films. The residencies emphasize the process of film production and the importance of collaboration, communication, time management and responsibility. I am available to conduct teacher workshops, especially in the area of film production curriculum development.


Jonelle is a filmmaker, playwright, director, actress and educator. She holds a B.S.E. and M.A. in Theatre and Communication from the University of Arkansas and a M.F.A. in Playwriting from the University of Georgia. She has studied documentary and narrative film production, cinematography and editing at Rockport College in Rockport, Maine and is familiar with both Final Cut 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Jonelle was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship in playwriting from the Arkansas Arts Council in fall of 2000. She is a Certified Teacher recently retired from teaching film/video production and drama at Fayetteville High School in Northwest Arkansas. During her years at FHS she developed an award-winning film program.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Middle/Junior High; Senior High
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Open with a preference for residencies one week or shorter.
Special Needs: Cameras, sound and lighting equipment, computers, editing software - depending on goals and structure of residency.