Jorge Villegas

Jorge Villegas

Southeast Region
El Dorado, Arkansas
501- 862-5474 501- 862-5557
[email protected]

As an artist I am particularly interested in the manifestation of life in our planet and the ability of the planet to act as a transformer of light into life.

Outcomes: students, teachers and parents will gain knowledge and appreciation for life and the process of nature to sustain, generate and include different life forms. Students will present their project having a chance to expose their knowledge and opinion. Skills: Students will ACTIVELY participate in the learning process by researching through their own creative approach about real subjects close to their lives. Students will also gain skills in drawing, painting and sculpting.

Each day class will last for about 2 hours.

Available to conduct teacher workshops.


Jorge holds an 11-year degree from three Colleges of Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a Professor of Drawing and Painting, specialized in Humanities and Murals.

Jorge, recipient of the Arkansas Arts Award for Individual Artist Achievement, had been involved since 1986 in The Creation Series, an extensive body of paintings, drawings and mixed media works, based on the Big Bang Theory. In this series he strives to represent the instant our Universe was formed, studying the physical and metaphysical aspects of the universe. He has also worked on The Third Planet Series which explores the formation of our planet and the beginning of life, as we know it here on Earth.

His latest works are centered on meditations on the concept of the Atman: The energy inhabiting everything and propelling us through life. The Atman is the animated principle of creation from which all individual souls derive and to which all return. Currently, Jorge is interested in outreaching rural and underdeveloped communities where the arts are absent from the main curriculum.

Jorge believes that the arts and humanities are mayor tools for discovering and developing self-expression and appreciation, while coming in contact with the cultural elements of past and modern civilizations.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Peschool-K; Elementary
Geographic Availability: Union County
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: This residency will require principals or coordinators to remind teachers to stay in the classroom while the artist is in their room. The artist believes this program is supposed to impact students as well as teachers, parents or school officials.