Kameron Lunon

Kameron Lunon

Central Region
Conway, AR
[email protected]

An education experience with Kameron Lunon is not a day spent listening to him talk. Kameron loves the arts because it’s the one area where students are allowed to express themselves and become actively engaged. A workshop with him, whether in the pre-production, production, or post-production stages of film, will always be hands on and all inclusive. His approach to education is that of a guide. He believes in setting the path for students to follow, allowing them to determine whether they want to turn right or left, and then providing them with the knowledge necessary to continue on. Regardless if you’re creating a character in a script or setting up lighting equipment, students will always be analyzing, interpreting, or perceiving something, which follows along with the Arkansas Department of Education’s State Standards.

Coming into a workshop, you will always be greeted with a smile and begin with an exercise to relax tension and build comfort in the setting. The goal is for you to have fun, but in doing so, have generated a hunger to engage upon the journey that you will come to know as filmmaking.


Kameron’s love for the arts started off at the young age of two as a young actor. He continued to act on stage and commercials up through high school. It was then that he discovered his gift for storytelling through fictional writing. His passion for working behind the camera came when offered the chance to lead his media promotions class in broadcasting the morning announcements. Since then, he’s graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with both a bachelor’s Degree in Writing and a Master’s Degree in Digital Filmmaking. He’s had the chance to work on many projects including his short film, Vilomah, which has made its run through the film festival circuit. The latest project is a television show he’s co-writing and co-directing called Lela’s Place. He’s spent the last three years teaching the art of film to high school and middle school students, whose work have also been screened in film festivals.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Senior High
Geographic Availability: Central Arkansas
Time Availability:
Special Needs: PC or Macintosh Computer
Projector with screen
Open work space