Laura Lee Williard

Laura Lee Williard

Central Region
Hot Springs, Arkansas
[email protected]

Project-based learning, adapted to each grade level and educational setting:
Math – a fun blend of musical notation & rhythm for fractions, predictions & graphing
History – any era can be taught using songs of the times
Music Standards are blended seamlessly with other curricular standards
Collaborative, enthusiastic and flexible
Understands how children learn
Pre-plans with teachers and well-prepared
Serves as a role model for participating teachers
Songwriting for Kids
The Role of Women in the Middle Ages
Books You Can Sing!
History of Folk Music
Got Orff instruments? Let’s Jam! Listening & Collaborative Skills

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“Laura Lee was the best artist we have ever had. She implemented common core standards seamlessly with her folk music and it was powerful and life-changing for our students and teachers. If you are searching for an artist who has the ability to create an artistic renaissance in your school, Laura Lee will far exceed your expectations. She is a tangible example of the power that is radiated when art, literature, music, and student excitement co-exist in the school setting.” Thelma Forte, Principal at Union Communication Arts Magnet School, Texarkana Arkansas School District

Video examples of Laura Lee’s residencies and performances:


Laura Lee is a performing folksinger, a teaching artist, and a Fellow with Arkansas A+ Schools, providing professional development to teachers on how to use music to teach history, math, literacy, and science. She is also the Executive Director of the Literacy Council of Garland County.

With deep roots in the American Folk Music tradition, as well as more contemporary songs, Laura Lee’s soul-thrilling voice, strong rhythm guitar and articulate finger-picking is extraordinary.

Particularly adept at engaging young audiences, Laura Lee enjoys a high degree of audience participation. Her natural curiosity and enthusiasm is contagious and her mastery of behavior management seamless. Her performances and workshops are easily adapted for all ages, grade levels, and abilities.

In her studies toward a PhD in Developmental & Child Psychology, she studied early childhood development, behavior management, cognitive development, learning theories, and instructional design and utilizes “effortless learning” techniques in her residencies.

Completed the Arkansas Arts Councils professional development workshop, Connecting to the Common Core, presented by Amy Braswell and hal evans on April 20, 2013.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: electrical outlets; space to set up a small sound system for a performance