Lin Chen

Lin Chen

Visual Arts
Northwest Region
Charleston, Arkansas
[email protected]

I would emphasize the "visual" aspect of art, in other words, the awareness of the visual elements and their organization. Before a person can fully appreciate or create art, he/she must first learn to see things in their meaningful relationships. A simplified, sequential, and highly repeatable program aimed at training the eye, the mind, and the hand, can help achieve this goal. The result is a lasting ability, and prepares the student for making more sophisticated art in the future. Secondly, I believe a good recipe for teaching art is to mix fun with challenge. While the former is obvious to art, a challenging project motivates and shapes the creative urge. Reasonable structure and guidelines give purpose to personal freedom and originality. Under a balanced atmosphere, the students should learn that the governing dynamics in making art are no different from those encountered in real life: fun versus responsibility, expression versus problem-solving, emotion versus intellect, tension versus reconciliation. Art exemplifies all of these in its intrinsic form – content dichotomy. Thirdly, I believe in teaching by exposure. My personal experience proves that witnessing an artist at work, and seeing the work from beginning to completion, is irresistible to adults and children alike. In many cases, impressions from such an exposure can be influential in a very positive way. Finally, my ethnic background allows me to introduce Chinese culture into a program. Earlier this year I worked with a private school of 90 students from K to 8th grade to create a portable mural based on the theme of Chinese New Year. It was truly a memorable project. Available to conduct teacher workshops.


I studied Fine Art at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and received a BFA in 2004, with an emphasis in painting and drawing. Currently I am a volunteer teacher/curator with the Center for Art & Education in van Buren, Arkansas. During the past three years, I have been actively involved in the Center's arts education programs, which ignited in me a keen interest in becoming an art educator. Having been both a student and a teacher, I have arrived at some personal realizations towards the art of teaching art.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Northwest AR; River Valley area
Time Availability: Summer
Special Needs: Power point presentation projector, easel, and materials commonly used in a classroom for art, document camera