Maria Botti-Villegas

Maria Botti-Villegas

Southeast Region
El Dorado, Arkansas
870- 862-5474 870- 814-8493
[email protected]

An example of an week-long AIE residency is for twenty-four 5-6 graders that explores the concept of space from the third dimension into the fourth through a study of art history from the Renaissance to Modern Art, integrated with geometry. Maria introduces these concepts showing some of her work. Students will learn to apply the properties of geometric shapes and special sense to connect geometry with problem-solving situations. They will also discover a solution for representing space in their individual art works. Students will gain skills in drawing, painting and writing about their projects. The concept of the fourth dimension will open students to more abstract thinking.

Available to coduct teacher workshops.


Maria, a native of Argentina, holds a five-year professional degree in Drawing and Painting. Although trained and formed as a visual artist, she has a lot of experience with dancing and singing, two art forms that have been part of her culture since childhood. She came to the United States in 1991, and since 1993 she has been working as an AIE artist throughout Arkansas. She has also participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions in Arkansas and Louisiana. In El Dorado where she lives and has her studio, Maria is currently involved in The Art School of the South Arkansas Art Center, teaching visual art classes for grades K-6. She also works as a muralist. With her husband Jorge, she has designed and painted twenty murals in Arkansas and Louisiana.

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Preferred Age Level: Preschool-K; Elementary; Middle/Jr. High
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