Martha J. Molina

Martha J. Molina

Northwest Region
Fayetteville, Arkansas
479- 871-2778
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Martha works to provide a positive and supportive environment where both students and teachers could experiment with self-expression. Martha develops goals and objectives based on desired outcomes and subject from the teachers. She works closely within the frameworks of the Arkansas curriculum to help teachers learn how to integrate the arts successfully through practical, everyday, process oriented activities that are easily reproduced by the teachers. Throughout each activity writing is given a center stage with a strong emphasis on multicultural issues and understanding The following list is an example of the objectives for one residency. Develop self-expression through theatre performances; Use appropriate terminology to develop theatre vocabulary;Use improvisation and play writing to communicate ideas and feelings; Demonstrate sensory recall in pantomime activities and in reenacting experiences; Lead small groups in planning visual and aural elements; Expand appropriate terminology to develop theatre vocabulary; Effectively communicate directional choices to a small ensemble for improvised or scripted scenes; Experiment with creative choices by taking risks and appreciating risk-taking in others. Reading Demonstrate listening, observing, focusing, and concentration skills. Apply skills learned through the dramatic process to other subject areas. ;Interact with others in acting real life or fantasy problems or resolutions. ;Use thinking skills and problem solving strategies to resolve problems in stories and situations through improvisation. ;Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of a director. ;Demonstrate good citizenship and function as positive members of a theatre audience. ;Use thinking and problem solving strategies to plan and structure elements of drams in order to analyze and create scripts. ;Respond appropriately as an audience member. Evaluation ;Evaluate performances through critical observation for purpose of self-improvement ;Refine performance choices through observation and self-evaluation. These objectives would be accomplished through well-planned activities using works of literature that are in the students text as well as student generated work. Students would also develop self-evaluation skills in rubric design that would help them in other classes. Available to conduct teacher workshops.


Martha J. Molina grew up in Northeast Arkansas. Her grandfather influenced and encouraged her to embrace her great grandmother's Native American culture. She actively practiced various crafts, loving the materials that were found in nature and from an early age sculpted animals and vessels from clay dug from her father's gravel quarry.

Martha has taught in both public and private schools for over 20 years and has worked closely with many arts organizations including Boston Mountain Potters Association, The Fayetteville Underground, Arts Live Theatre, Walton Arts Center, Sager Creek Arts Center, Ozark Folkways, Columbia Theatre Players. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Special Education. Having taught in the Arkansas school system, she is well versed in curriculum frameworks and has been trained in CORE Knowledge curriculum.  As an art and theatre teacher her work focuses on developing the skills of her students and integrating arts in education. She has conducted artist residencies throughout the state in theatre, mask-making, watercolor, and clay.

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