Mary Sanders-Overton

Mary Sanders-Overton

Northwest Region
West Fork, Arkansas
[email protected]

After discussing the curriculum currently being taught in the classroom I would create an art project best suited to enhance the student understanding of the subject manner. An example would be a recent project of a map of Arkansas. Fourth grade students created a detailed paper pulp map learning the major rivers, regions, mountain ranges, the state capital, their hometown, and the surrounding states. At the end of this project the students had a marked increase on their Arkansas geography test.

Available to conduct teacher workshops.


Mary is a multi-disciplinary artist who studied art and architecture at the University of Arkansas. In addition, she apprenticed under several artists expanding her knowledge and passion for several art mediums. She has participated in the Artist in Education program for almost a decade and has inspired countless students throughout out her career. A recipient of the Arkansas Department of Educations' Excellence in Education Award in 2014, she works closely with classroom teachers to develop programs that coincide with Common Core Standards to enhance students comprehension and excitement of subject. Her programs are well researched and follow a formula that has proven to be very successful.

From creative writing and bookmaking, Native American studies, Space exploration, body systems, concrete design to public murals Mary uses her knowledge to excite and inspire both students and faculty.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: all ages
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: open
Special Needs: