Michael Eubanks

Michael Eubanks

Central Region
Little Rock, Arkansas
[email protected]

After introducing myself, my instruments ( including my vocal), and the musical styles that are used. I talk about the history of music and the historical background from whence the instruments and styles derived. When instructing my private instrument and vocal students or speaking publicly to students (music student and non-music student), I use music as a platform to speak on education, discipline, decision-making, and other life perspectives. After allowing times for questions and answers, I will give a brief demonstration regarding functionally of each instrument, followed by a performance. There is more opportunity for questions and answers if time is permitted. A more in-depth approach is taken (basic music theory, keyboarding/fingering, notation and technique) when the learning environment (presentation, workshop or short-term / long-term class) differs and instruments are available.

Available to conduct teacher workshops.


Michael is a native of Arkansas and a product of the Little Rock Public Schools.  He has performed as a saxophonist and vocalist since the mid-90's. When he takes center stage, he'll take your breath away with his smooth sax and soulful sultry vocal style.

Michael began showing interest in music as a child. The piano was the first instrument of study. At 11 years of age, he began studying the tenor saxophone, and continued through senior high school. Michael performed as a child in elementary school on piano and sang in school plays. After high school at the historical Little Rock Central High, Michael enlisted into the US Army. While on over-seas tour-of-duty he performed the presence of high-ranking military audiences.

In the spring of 1992, Michael's military service time came to an end and he returned to the United States. In 1993, he made his way into the music scene on the alto saxophone.

From the winter of "96"to the mid-spring of "98", Michael became well-known in South Arkansas and Monroe. It was not until the summer of "98" that Michael Eubanks hit the music scene big in Central Arkansas. Although, it was not music that brought him back to the area, but a massive heartache that afflicted his step-father. Michael's popularity increased in that summer of 1998 when he performed at the River Market Amphitheatre in Little Rock, as the opening act for Jazz Lights 98," which featured legendary and internationally acclaim recording artist Jonathan Butler, Gerald Albright, and famed, legendary jazz guitarist, Earl Klugh.

Since then, Michael has been "Live in Concert" in El Paso, Texas at the Historical, Camino Real Hotel, Sax in the Park" and "Sax in the Park II", held on North Little Rock's Burns Park outdoor stage "The North Shores Explosion. Featuring the legendary R&B Recording Artist, J. Blackfoot and Betty Wright.

December 2003, Michael released a Christmas CD entitled "Christmas at Michael's" which he promoted by frequenting the locate television stations. You can hear his music during the Christmas Holiday. Summer "2004", Michael released a new CD, entitled "On A Day Like This . . . " This summer Michael shared the stage with Kirk Whalum in Little Rock and Mel Waiters in Helena, West Helena. Michael performs regularly with UALR jazz ensemble, and is on the registry of the Arkansas Arts Council's Arts On-Tour-Roster and Artist in Education. As you can see, "The Man" is untiring. What's next for Michael? Well, you can rest assure that he's got something in the "jazz cooker".

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Elementary, Secondary, High School
Geographic Availability: Central Arkansas
Time Availability: Evenings Monday, Friday, Saturday and Holidays
Special Needs: P.A. system; projector for power point; chalkboard/eraser board