Michaela Cozad

Michaela Cozad

Central Region
Little Rock, AR
[email protected]

As an instructor, I want my classroom to be a place of exploration and mistake making. I do not create lesson plans that result in the student’s making the same artwork. I teach art concepts and studio practice, but the formation, development, and execution of a project is determined by the individual students. I do not teach people how to be creative. I believe every person in inherently creative, and that creativity is facilitated with proper studio practice and art history influences.

For example, a class will have an overall concept for the duration of the residency regarding an art movement or a famous artist. The class will be taught various studio techniques, (such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, etc.) which they will use to practice and brainstorm their own project ideas. As a class, we will discuss the different project ideas, and which medium will best to convey their ideas. The students will then work on a formal project, where they will have access to whatever materials we experimented with. After the formal projects are completed, we will have a group critique. Students will be expected to experiment with multiple mediums and talk about their artwork critically, and about how it ties to the main concept. Due to the structure of the class, it can be adapted for any age group simply by modifying the concept and materials available for use.

In the end, each student will have completed a personally important formal project inspired by our overall idea. As a class we will learn from each other’s interpretation and approach to the concept. As an instructor, I am there to guide and scaffold their original ideas. The importance of the project and the learning is directed by class. From pre-k to adulthood, I want my class to be about experimenting and challenging oneself. At every level, I want art class to be more than a creative outlet, but a place of play, a place to build confidence, and a place of community.


I am a professional artist who has worked with multiple media, but emphasizes in oil painting. I graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Central Oklahoma in studio art, and minored in art history. Currently I am developing a new body of work, my portfolio, and creating lesson plans. My artistic style is focused on whimsical subject matter, eccentric color, and bold pattern. I also interned at the Center for Art and Education as an art instructor and artist assistant summer 2016.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Central region
Time Availability: Open after mid-August 2016
Special Needs: easels, tables, brushes, and if possible, screen-printing supplies