Mike Means

Mike Means

Southeast Region
El Dorado, Arkansas
870-862-9881 870-862-9147
[email protected]

Although I work in many mediums, I love to draw, I currently specialize in Digital Creations. Working primarily in Adobe Photoshop, I have been doing Classes at the South Arkansas Arts Center that show kids the FUN in painting and drawing on the Computer. The digital art world has been going for sometime now but many kids, and adults, have not had the chance to work (and play) with the software available . My goal is to show students how easy it is to do some similar art projects using the digital brushes and pixel colors. Painting with a mouse, or a digitizing tablet & pen, can be in some ways even easier than water colors or oil paint. The fun in manipulating photographs can be exciting and the first time you “adjust” the picture of your face to have orange hair and bug eyes the smiles abound. I would love to talk to anyone about how my classes work to not only create fun, but to accidently learn in the process.


Originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, I started out as a Draftsman and proceeded to the University of Arkansas seeking an architecture degree. Fate stepped in and I was pointed in another direction: Graphic Arts. After studying for 2 years at UofA I took on another adventure by joining the U.S Navy. I still remained in the field of Graphic Design and spent almost 10 years as a “Drafstman/Illustrator” for the Navy/Government. After leaving the service I worked as a Graphics Designer for several Companies including International Paper in Camden Ar. I now have my own business and freelance design worldwide.

I have won 49 international Logo contests on a Freelance web site called Logotournament.com. I have been doing computer art classes at the South Arkansas Arts Center for over 10 years now, which caters to both kids and adults. Everyone wants to learn about Adobe Photoshop and it’s always fun. Pushing the ART aspect of computers is easy and I always enjoy the smiles when kids or adults have fun painting digitally for the first time.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: all ages
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: open except December
Special Needs: IPADS with specific Apps (painting and drawing); computers with Adobe Photoshop (any version); optional - Digitizing Pads (WACOM drawing pads or similar).