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Nahsechay Dipo

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With a wide range of resources now available for the delivery of educational programming, Gaskiya’s Compound© was created as a public resource to address the evisceration of African history and culture. As a resource tool for the restoration and continuance of Africa’s legacy, Gaskiya’s Online Academy© was designed as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Our VLE, Gaskiya’s Online Academy © is an online portal for the provision of arts in education programming for schools, youth facilities, and community organizations. In business since 1980, programs have been provided in a variety of formats including presentations, master classes, and long-term residencies. We are now transitioning our programs to eLearning and blended learning experiences in which facilities can engage in project based learning opportunities. Through the use of Web 2.0 tools and online technology, eLearning classrooms are perfect vehicles for the delivery of our visual art programming.

At Gaskiya’s Compound © we are prepared to share our history, art, proverbs, languages, foods, stories, songs and dance. At Gaskiya’s Compound © we are Keeping Traditions Alive. So join us where the truth of Africa lives on…

Wisdom Weaving© – From Korhogo, Kente, Bokolafini, Adinkra, Adire, to Aso Oke and through the conveyance of the basic art of weaving and its importance in African culture, students will be taught the significance of the loom and its use in Africa.

Speaking w/Beads© – A comprehensive study of beadwork and its role in various African cultures. From the amazonite used in Northern regions to the cowrie that can be found throughout the continent. Beads are an integral part of the communication system of indigenous African cultures. This program of study researches the use in the various families and identifies the spiritual, social, and socio-economic relationship of the beadwork and area families.

Garments of Praise© – The diversity of African adornment is researched and participants create a personal piece of artwork of the Wodaabe.

Itacen SAKA© – Saka is a loom and weaving process of the Hausa. Participants will explore the cultural nature and social significance of this art form.

ADINKRA – The King's Cloth© – A study of African history, geography, culture, and the artistry of Adinkra. Participants explore the dynamic art of Africa inspired by Adinkra, a cloth of the Asante and other Ghanian families, which offers a visual representation of their history, philosophy, social, and spiritual belief systems.


I am a lifelong learner and educator. I am currently a PhD in Education student with a specialization in Instructional Technology and I hold an Associate in Fashion Merchandising, Bachelors in Business Administration, and a Master’s in Education with specializations in Higher Education Administration & eLearning (Distance Learning. I hold teacher certifications in Texas and South Carolina in Gifted Education (TX), Early Childhood Education, English Language Arts, and Special Education. I have participated in and provided Artist in Education programs since 1980, traveling nationally and internationally.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: Blended programs - Internet and computer access
Full Residency programs - Contingent upon program request.