Nahsechay Dipo

Nahsechay Dipo

Out of State Region
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Speaking w/Beads© – is a comprehensive study of beadwork and its role in various African cultures. From the amazonite used in Northern regions to the cowrie that can be found throughout the continent. Beads are an integral part of the communication system of indigenous African cultures. This program of study
researches the use in the various families and identifies the spiritual, social, and
socio-economic relationship of the beadwork and area families.

My approach to my artform is to infuse the historical relevance of the artform to the
culture it represents...Africa/Africana cultures. Due to my having worked within the
classroom with kids in classes from Activities for Daily Living (ADL), Resource,
Inclusion, Gifted, Juvenile, etc. I understand that the learning process is different for
each child and am prepared to address this in the delivery of their programming. In
the course “Speaking with Beads”, Scholars will research and identify the type of
beads typically worn by the regional African families. They will learn the significance
of the beads and purpose of their use. They will learn the countries of this region
and the cultural practices of the people. They will produce a portfolio and a product
reflective of the area of study. They will engage in project-based learning that will
include their mapping, researching, writing, working independently & collaboratively
(even though its virtual). I expect the Scholars and the Teachers to be open minded
and prepared for new learning regarding Africa, her history, and her contributions.


My educational background includes my current enrollment as a PhD
in Education with a specialization in Instructional Technology. Additionally, I hold an
Associate in Fashion Merchandising, Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and a
Master’s in Education with specializations in Higher Education Administration &
eLearning (Distance Learning). Further, I hold teacher certifications in Texas and
South Carolina in Gifted Education (TX), Early Childhood Education, English Language
Arts, and Special Education. I have participated in and provided Artist in Education
programs since 1980, traveling nationally and internationally. Lastly, I am a state
and national presenter to the education community on topics including the use of
technology in the classroom and special education.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: all ages
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: Students will need access to a computer and headphones. Classes provided with use and interactive platform (i.e. Zoom, WebEx, TEAMS, etc.) Class supplies will be shipped per course request.