Nisheedah Golden

Nisheedah Golden

Central Region
Jacksonville, AR
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In my approach to teaching, it is important to me to connect with students on a personal level. Students should feel completely comfortable to come to me with their own theatrical ideas or with their own personal theatrical goals and/or achievements. It’s imperative that the students understand there are no limits or restrictions on their creativity. The students are encouraged to express their own creative ideas that we can incorporate for our next lesson. Students love to see their ideas come to life in our dramatic activities. Some ideas could include, an improv scene taking place in a museum where students pretend to be statues or an impromptu radio interview where a student plays a famous actor and are being interviewed by a student pretending to be news correspondent. Student involvement is always welcomed.

My approach also involves staying current. Children are always knowledgeable of the latest trends in music, fashion, social media, etc. I like to infuse pop-culture into my lesson plan and/or improv exercises. For example the students would make in improvisational music video to the pop song, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Students would get props to use in their video, such as a microphone, drums, keyboards, or guitar. Students could also use the latest dance moves in the video like “The Quan or “The Nay-nay”. Utilizing pop culture, helps in strengthening the personal connections to my students and they understand that I am aware of the ever changing world around me. It’s important that the students know that all art forms are essential to the growth of our society.

In the residency program students will have a creative outlet that allows them to express themselves, solve problems, and expand their social skills. Instruction would involve using the Stanislavski and Chekov techniques of “Yes and…” where students accept what another student has stated (“yes”) and then expand on it. Also, the “Magic If” technique. Students will ask themselves what they would do “if” they were in a dramatic scene or as a specific character in a play. This would allow for enrichment of personable skills as well as their ability to do well in school subjects such as math, science, etc. My goal within in the AIE Program is to educate, encourage and empower, through theatrical resources and activities that promote creativity and unity.
While in residency, possessing specific skills aiding in theatrical development, are beneficial and very important. Students should possess the skills associated with problem solving, communication orally and physically, working independently and cooperatively with a group. They should be able to think on their feet, and be knowledgeable of the different emotions associated with theatre.

Teachers should be knowledgeable of basic warm-up exercises that will engage critical thinking, provoke emotion, stimulate creativity, and know vocal exercises that aid in articulation and that differentiate the dynamics of loud, medium, and soft.


Ms. Golden has a Bachelors in the Performing arts from the University of Central Arkansas. Some of the professional and Prominent plays she has been in, include: Smokey Joe’s Café, South Pacific, Hairspray, Big River, Purlie, Macbeth, Godspell, School house Rock, To Kill a Mocking Bird, One Ninth (about the Little Rock Nine),The Sound of Music and many more. The Professional Theatres she has worked with are: The Arkansas Repertory Theatre, Columbus Creative, Murry’s Dinner Playhouse, The Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, Praeclara and Positive Images in Christ.

In 2014 Ms. Golden began working with Bearden Productions Center for the Arts. She teaches Acting/Improv classes to ages 8-10 and 13-17. Presently working with BPCA, Ms. Golden was the Asst. Director for their productions: Annie Jr., The Trial of Goldilocks, The Wiz, Akeelah and the Bee, and Beauty and the Beast Jr. and Everyman. In 2020 she was given the Title of Co- Director and Music Director of their virtual musical: Super Happy Awesome News

From August 2016 through May 2017, Ms. Golden was in residency at Episcopal Collegiate School. During her residency with ECS, she served as Director of the middle school’s inaugural production of Homework eats dog and other Woeful tales. She was also the Associate Director of properties and ensembles for the High school theatre program.

From September 2017 to May 2018, Ms. Golden completed a residency at Murrell Taylor Elementary (Jacksonville, AR) as the drama instructor for the after school program. Each 7 weeks the students learned about stage directions, movement on stage, Pantomime acting, improvisational acting, solo acting (monologues), script reading and scene work. During the course of the school year, the students acted in the following plays: "Ms. Nelson is missing", The Fourth Pig, and "The Shoe Store".

Ms. Golden also had the privilege of being a part of an educational tour with the Arkansas Repertory Theatre which included, acting and improv workshops, playwriting workshops, and diversity workshops and history workshops (about the Little Rock Nine) to kids and teenagers at several schools across the state of Arkansas.

In addition to theatre Ms. Golden also has a background in Opera . She is a four-time winner of the Arkansas District Metropolitan Opera/Vocal Competition. Currently, Ms. Golden is a resident singer with the professional opera company, Opera in the Rock, in Little Rock Arkansas. She has been in numerous operas’, some where she held principal roles. She has traveled overseas to Shanghai, China where she performed in an opera and in concert. Currently Ms. Golden also enjoys teaching Private Voice lessons as well as. If you are interested in taking private voice lessons from Ms. Golden, please email her at the address listed above.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Elementary; Middle/Junior High; Senior High
Geographic Availability: Central region
Time Availability: Open except July-September
Special Needs: Props
Note Books and Pencils
Improv Workbooks
Theatre Workbooks
Constantine Stanislavskis’ “An Actor Prepares”
Mp3 player