Norris Chee

Norris Chee

Visual Arts
Northeast Region
Paragould, Arkansas
[email protected]

Residency Outline
I. Day One
A. Introduction to Native Americans
B. The Dineh (Navaho) People
C. My Art

II. Day Two (learning about negative space in artwork)
A. Show samples of T-Shirts
B. Demonstrate to students sketching skill
C. Discuss student designs on T-Shirts.
D. Design Stencils
E. Cut stencils

III. Day Three
A. Finish cutting stencils
B. Prepare paint for next day

IV. Day Four
A. Make color choices
B. Start airbrushing T-Shirts

V. Day Five
A. Finish airbrushing T-Shirts
B. Admire T-Shirts
C. Farewell

This outline is for a five day residency, in the case of a four day residency some of the first day details may be deleted

Materials List: All materials will be furnished by the artist except a heavy weight drawing paper and a light colored T Shirt or pillow case.

Second Residency :

This is for advanced art classes. This residency is sketching and painting animals working with a dark area and bringing in color and highlights. Many times the designs can be worked into other subjects to make it a learning experience for more than one class. Example: a Patriotic theme for a specific time of war using the Navaho code talkers can be presented. I speak the Navaho language, give examples of the code, and discuss how the language was used.

Many Rural areas still have Native American sites still in tact; I hope to help people to better understand some of these areas. I hope to share my culture with others and promote a tolerance for people who have different cultures and encourage students to express themselves and to show them that dreams do come true.

I hope that by participating I can share with others how easy it can be to get to know another culture, how being creative is so exciting, art is something we can all do and it can be very different from one person to another.

Available to conduct teacher workshops.


Norris has worked with students in several situations including single class Periods, cultural days, multicultural educational programs and the Youth Development center in Kearney, Nebraska. In these settings he has described cultural differences and his experience as a person growing up and living in two different cultures.

He has worked with teachers on ideas which might help them relate better to their students from other cultures. At the Youth Development center, He has related his own experiences as a youth from a disrupted family to the feelings they might be having. He described the differences art has made in his life. Having worked as an artist in residence and being apart of the multicultural since 1993 Norris brings experience and organization to his residency. Featured Artist for the Andersontown Pow Wow, traveling to local schools promoting cultural awareness and creating the Pow Wow promotional image.

While working as an artist full time Norris is able to share what he has learned about the creative and discipline aspects of a career that is unconventional. Working to be yourself as an artist and respect others as their talents that may be quite different from your own.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: all ages
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: open; prefer one month advance notice in summer
Special Needs: Sheets of paper and a light T Shirt or pillow case for each student . Artist will furnish all other materials.