Patricia Carreras

Patricia Carreras

Out of State Region
Hernando, Mississippi
901- 268-3981 662-701-5005
[email protected]

Patricia Carreras offers pantomime, puppetry, mask, and story-theater for all ages. Classes are typically 50 minutes and are designed for residencies of three sessions or more, although a one time workshop is also available.

Her classes include:

Pantomime: This residency focuses on mime at the very basic level. She will work with students to help them create and present pantomimes based on simple techniques and storytelling without words. This class opens up the imagination and readies the student for reading and writing.

Story Theatre with Poetry and Movement: This unique program encourages students to use their bodies, voices and imaginations to bring personal stories and poems to life. Group projects will help students understand the theatrical process of collaboration.

Other residencies include, Living Art (The students examine works by notable artists such as Ernest Withers, Norman Rockwell and present stories behind the images.) Physical Comedy, Improvisation, mask/mime/movement, Puppetry Arts, Standup Shakespeare (Comedy and Dance from Shakespearean Era),

Ballroom Dance and acting for film/television.

Educators are requested to participate and/or assist in the learning process with their students during the residency.
Available to conduct teacher workshops.


Patricia Carreras has been working professionally in all types of theater since 1985. She has an undergraduate degree in Theater and Film from the University of New York at Fredonia and a Masters of Art in Theatre and Film from SUNY Buffalo.

She began her Teaching Artist work with the Western New York Institute for the Arts in Education in 1983. She has worked extensively with the Lincoln Center, the Wolf Trap Foundation out of Washington DC (Creative Early Learning) and The Kennedy Center. Patricia is also an adjunct professor at the University of Memphis where she teaches dance concepts to athletes and Ballroom Dancing to all. She is an independent artist who works as an actor/director/storyteller/puppeteer/mime in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and Alaska. Every summer, Patricia is invited to join the TBA THEATRE COMPANY of Anchorage Alaska as a guest director, teaching artist and mime. Patricia has written many one-woman shows that incorporate mime, puppetry and storytelling, each holding an aesthetic experience for learning.

Her character, Giggling Gertie is a favorite across the nation.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: An empty classroom with space to move and an area to act as a stage. Teachers are required to remain in the classroom and participate in the learning experience.