Patrick Fleming

Patrick Fleming

Visual Arts
Central Region
Roland, AR
[email protected]

I have numerous personal experiences working with different age groups, ranging from elementary to high school age children. These include involvement in youth ministry outreach to areas of lower socio-economic areas of our country. This participation involved a leadership position as I planned, designed, and implemented aspects of outreach in the Detroit area, Milwaukee area, as well as in Appalachia. This work was associated with Catholic Youth Ministry.

In addition, I have taught workshops involving artistic creation of individual works with children in elementary school, and middle school. These workshops included the use of found objects, and the creation of a three dimensional sculpture. In addition, most recently in Arkadelphia, I provided a workshop on positive and negative space with a classroom of seventh and eighth graders. This workshop included a lecture and presentation using my personal art as a visual to describe aspects of color with positive and negative space.
In conclusion, I am hard-working, confident and conscientious and have a strong desire to show children of all ages that they too can be creative.


Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois
BA in Studio Art, Sculpture & Painting in 1978
Received Honors at the Senior Exhibit 1978.
Worked in lost wax bronze casting with Mario Spompinato and Bill Wichlenski in Chicago, 1976 through 1983, repairing and refurbishing bronzes from Mexico and the City of Chicago
Supplied bronzes for galleries throughout Chicago and the Art Institute, while also producing our own sculptures.

“Francis M. Kipp Award for Creativity”
2012 Wisconsin Regional Annual statewide Art Exhibit
“Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design”
2011 & 2012, Fund Raiser Invitational

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Elementary
Geographic Availability: Central Arkansas
Time Availability: Open during the school year
Special Needs: Supply materials of colored matt board, colored paper, sketch paper, foam board, pencils, glue, and work space