The Cultural Kaleidoscope

The Cultural Kaleidoscope

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Kansas City, Missouri
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All of our teaching artists present their materials through a combination of assemblies and enrichment sessions which teach about a country and its culture through the native music, dance and folk art. In a one-day program, we offer 2 assemblies and up to 4 enrichment sessions. In an artist in residence program – in addition to the basic assemblies and enrichment session – we spend up to 5 days in the school providing students and teachers hands-on experiences and personal interaction with our presenting artists. Students will share what they learn in a never to be forgotten community performance at the end of the week. Our Teaching Resource Guides are filled with a range of activities that are aligned to the common core standards. A program-specific guide is given to each school.


The Cultural Kaleidoscope is based in Kansas City, MO and has been bringing multi-cultural, educational programs to students in the Midwest for more than 20 years. We have three different Kaleidoscope programs that teach about other countries ... Russia, Ukraine and Australia. Our Russian and Ukrainian programs are available year-round. Our Australian program is available for a limited tour each year. All of our presenters are professionals in the arts. Sergei Shapoval, presenter of both the Russian and Ukrainian Kaleidoscope programs, was born in Ukraine and has his master's degree in music education from the Gnessin Institute in Moscow. The Australian Kaleidoscope is presented by Martin and Nellie Beggs from New South Wales, Australia. Martin is an outstanding musician/vocalist and has performed with some of the best known music groups in Australia. Nellie is thoroughly versed in the history of Australia and has first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by early women settlers and modern-day Australian women.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Russian and Ukrainian programs are available year round. Australian programs are in the U.S. on limited tours each year.
Special Needs: Four 6-8 foot tables, 2 straightback chairs without arms, cart for our video projector, 2 long extension cords. Note: We bring our own sound system.