Shawn Adair

Shawn Adair

Northwest Region
Van Buren, Arkansas
479- 461-7944
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I approach the classroom eager to generate excitement about artistic exploration and development. Thoroughly accessing the needs of students and teachers and then carefully meeting those needs create a successful residency. My most recent school visit is an example of this. Meeting with administrators and teachers, we established direction and goals for a school district that had little art education for students below the eighth grade. We decided to target the kindergarten, first, second, fifth and sixth grades, each class lasting thirty-five to sixty minutes depending on the grade level. Students were introduced to the history of a particular artist his or her culture, along with the concepts associated with basic artistic principles. Students then applied what they learned by creating a project based on the lessons learned. They began to develop appreciation, knowledge of principles and technical skill, and were captivated because the lessons were lively and interesting. By demonstration they were inspired. At the conclusion of the residency, lesson plans were provided to participating teachers. Available to conduct teacher workshops.


Shawn Adair is a formally trained artist with a B.A. in Studio Art from Oral Roberts University and an M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Arkansas. He is the recipient of an Arkansas Arts Council Individual Fellowship and an award in sculpture from the International Sculpture Center. Mr. Adair has lectured and given workshops about art, including teaching the subject and the process of making art at universities, public schools, and art centers. Mr. Adair is an active supporter of art and has served on the board of various art centers in the region. He has conducted AIE residencies and mini-grants in Van Buren, Cedarville, and Greenwood School Districts, as well as Christ The King Catholic School. Mr. Adair is actively involved in making and exhibiting art. He is also a video maker; he has various projects in production and under development. Mr. Adair lives in Van Buren, Arkansas, with his lovely wife, Sara, his two boys, Sam and Joshua, and his little girl Maggie Jean. His studio is there as well.

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