Shelle House

Shelle House

Central Region
North Little Rock, AR
[email protected]

My workshops get hands-on at various levels of ability and with differing focuses to fit your group's needs. Technique workshops could include hand sewing, machine sewing, foam sculpting or carving, adhesive/sharp tool use and safety, scale modeling, and drawing for design. Novice level workshops could involve shadow puppets, sock puppets, or Easter egg puppets for all ages. Advanced workshops may allow participants to create a full Muppet-style puppet, develop their own pattern, or solve a problem specific to a production (for example, we may design and build Dragon for Shrek the Musical or Olaf for Frozen Junior). All workshops at all levels are focused on student or participant achievement; I provide the expertise, but they actually do the job! I am happy to tailor experiences to each unique groups for general learning or specific goals.

Available to conduct workshops for teachers and other groups.


Shelle House has taught for nine years at four high schools in central Arkansas in all areas of technical theatre and drama. She currently teaches Costume & Makeup at North Little Rock High School. She is an Executive Counsel member of the Arkansas Communication and Theatre Arts Association, through which she has facilitated professional development on puppetry, fabrication, and classroom practices. Shelle's most unique talent is puppet design and construction; she has had the honor of studying with Henson performers and master builders. She holds a Master of Education degree as well as a specialist certificate in Gifted and Talented Education.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Elementary, Middle/Jr High, Sr High
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Statewide during school breaks with greatest availability in the summer. I am widely available after school hours (roughly 4pm) at any time of the year within driving distance of Little Rock.
Special Needs: Projector, various craft supplies for puppet building including fabrics, glue, and sewing supplies.