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The folk duo, Still on the Hill is the perfect way to bring Ozark history and culture into your learning environment. Having toured the country and Europe for 25 years, and with 12 CDs to their credit, Still on the Hill has become known far and wide as ambassadors of the Ozarks. Their efforts to preserve Ozarks history in song won them the Governors Folk Life Award in 2010. Paying homage to the old while making a new contribution to Ozark culture, they demonstrate the living, ongoing process of folk music. With 23 years on the Arts Council Roster, Still on the Hill can offer a wonderful array of programs that can be fine tuned to meet your student’s needs.

These are not kids songs- Still on the Hill prefers to treat young audiences as young adults capable of comprehending complex historical concepts, ever skillful in adjusting the dialogue between songs to match the age group in front of them. Ultimately, it is their musicianship, their songwriting, and their infectious joy and passion that keeps students fully engaged from start to finish. Any grade from 3rd to 12th is appropriate, though they are most often utilized for students from 3rd to 5th. They are able to work in whole school assemblies or, close up in the classroom. Below are six different programs you might consider:

Instrument Makers of the Ozarks
Perhaps their most popular program. Students get to see and hear rustic instruments made by Ozark Instrument maker legends such as Ed Stilley, Mr Boze, Elliot Smith, Jesse Jones, and Jim Lee along with the colorful story songs by Still on the Hill that celebrate each of these Ozark treasures.

Once a River- Story Songs of the Beaver Lake Watershed (White River history)
This program is designed to give students an awareness of the precious water that flows through NW Arkansas. There are story songs that document the past and the present day issues concerning our reservoirs and water supply.

Still a River – Story Songs of the Buffalo River (America’s first National River)
Many of the popular landmarks known to most every Arkansawyer are explained in a collection of story songs. Important topics such as the ‘Battle for the Buffalo’ are discussed along with the important role a free flowing river plays in sustaining habitat for wildlife populations.

Ed Stilley- the Legendary Instrument Maker of Hogscald Hollow
The Mulhollan’s actually published a book with the UofA Press devoted to Ed Stilley’s work and curated several large scale art exhibits including the Walton Art Center in Fayetteville, and the Old State House Museum in Little Rock. Kelly and Donna bring a miniature museum of Ed Stilley instruments and artifacts and tell his fascinating story in song.

Words on Birds – bird and nature program
Kelly and Donna are avid birders and have taught Ornithology at the Halberg Arkansas Audubon Camp for 18 years. They have a wonderful collection of songs that educate, while nurturing an appreciation and respect for our natural world.

Cane Hill – History of a forgotten Ozark Town in Song
Brand new for 2018-2019. In the late eighteen hundreds, it seemed that Cane Hill was destined to be the center of commerce in NW Arkansas. With a rich history that overlaps the Civil War, The Trail of Tears, The apple industry, and the Orphan Train, Cane Hill seemed destined to disappear by 1920. Fortunately, there is a historical restoration underway complete with a museum and the beautifully restored University along with other historic buildings. Still on the Hill researched the history of this colorful town and turned them into story songs that capture small town American life before modern times.


Kelly and Donna Mulhollan have been performing together for over 25 years and have played prestigious festivals all across the country including Kerrville Folk Festival, Walnut Valley Festival (Winfield Kansas), Philadelphia Folk Festival, Florida Folk Festival, and many others. They also have worked in Europe for over 9 years through their European label, Brambus Records. Finally, they have performed for countless Arkansas students at schools across the state.

Kelly is a five-generation native of Arkansas that grew up in NW Arkansas and is well known as one of the finest instrumentalists in the region. Self-taught, he plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele as well as many other instruments. Donna, originally from California, has lived in the Ozarks for 35 years now. Best known as a fiddler, she is also self-taught and has played music for a living her entire life. Donna possesses a rare spirit that shines ever bright on stage. Both Kelly and Donna are wonderful vocalist and prolific songwriters.

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Preferred Age Level: Elementary; Middle/Junior High; Senior High; Adult
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: None