Sue Allen Pico

Sue Allen Pico

Central Region
Shirley, Arkansas
501- 745-2146 501-253-0584
[email protected]

“AIE Programs” age-appropriate, curriculum-based with emphasis on encouragement, creativity with inexpensive, easily found supplies, and giving teachers ideas and tools.

EVERYONE CAN DRAW – EVEN YOU!: cartoon-style drawing works for everyone. Units enriches specific class curriculum. Students and Teachers leave encouraged and confident about their drawing. Cartooning is a great program for the entire school.

INTRODUCTION TO HOMESTEADING in ARKANSAS and/or THE DAKOTA TERRITORY: Homesteading brought alive. Students hear biographical stories and create Native American dream catchers, rattles, and dice game. Design Cowboy brands, checker boards, draw covered wagons, learn about building a sod house, and get a taste of Life as a Homesteader.

DRAMA FOR YOUNG STUDENTS: Kindergarten - 4th graders perform classic stories and songs, learning about stage presentations, character development, blocking, and mask design. Teachers get an arsenal of performance, costume, prop, and writing ideas. Every student has the opportunity to perform assorted parts in several productions during the week. Culmination is performances for an audience.

INTRODUCTION TO THE MIDDLE AGES: in costume as a merchant, Pico "apprentices" the students in Heraldry, castle design/drawing, braiding, game making, and other medieval projects.

CLASS COMIC BOOK: Cartooning drawing techniques and tricks of the trades, stimulates drawing, writing, and creative thinking skills for students and teachers. Theme ideas samples: "Anti Drugs," "Class Joke Book," "Character Words Book".

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP: Teachers and Art Teachers get "hands on" experience with a fresh arsenal of project ideas, tips for acquiring inexpensive supplies, and a working knowledge of the Arts in Education Mini-Grant Program.

POETRY WRITING: Fun way to learn poetry styles, expand writing ability, performance, and ways to think outside the box.

CALLIGRAPHY: Older students and adults learn the basics of calligraphy. Leave with the ability to print with flourish and style.

READERS THEATER: Poetry, songs and stories blend with a variety of characters to reinforce any specific curriculum unit especially bringing poetry alive.

ART IN MATH: Ukrainian Pasanka eggs, scale drawing, boxes, toys, flyers, etc.

TOUR THE WORLD ART PROJECTS: Reinforce your social studies or geography curriculum with projects such as a Castle Box, Painting Tile, Adinkra Designs, Eskimo Soap (stone) carving, Henna Designs, Dia De Los Muertos Banners, Dragons and Phoenix, Braiding from the far east, etc.

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Multi-disciplinary artist with a lifetime career through South Dakota, Hawaii, Louisiana and now, Shirley, Arkansas of mobilizing her talent to involve children and adults with the creative energy of art.

Summa Cum Laude graduate from Northern State University, SD, with a double major in Fine Arts and Cumulative Art Education.

Approved by the Arkansas Department of Education for Professional Development Hours.

Visual & Graphic Arts workshops wander the realms of Literature & Poetry, Cartooning, Native American Tradition, Middle-Ages Heraldry, Calligraphy, Art in Math, Ukrainian Eggs, etc.

Board member of the Clinton Art Guild and the NCA Education Advisory Board, member of the NCA Artist League, The Troubadours (a readers theater performing arts group) and the Artist Roster of the Arkansas Arts Council.

Available to conduct teacher workshops.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: Overhead projector, blank light colored wall or large screen, paper and pencils for each student. If facility is large, sound system may be needed.