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Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit company, presents one-man plays, inspiring students while making sense of our most profound works of literature and most impactful historical moments. Mooney adds seamless narratives that connect key monologues and famous passages, making sense of historical events and demonstrating their immediate relevance today. Students come away with a new love for, and connection to, Shakespeare, Moliere and more. These programs offer cultural enrichment, inspiring oration, historical relevance and mind opening entertainment that encourage students to laugh, cry or gasp with surprise. Students feel like a part of a greater whole of humanity and western thought.

Mooney also presents workshops for Theatre students: “Acting in the Classical Theatre” and “Shakespeare Spaghetti,” along with workshops for French students about “The Life of Moliere.” Students develop skills in poise, articulation, emotional commitment, style and rhetorical expression.

Each play fosters an appreciation for complex language structure and expression, celebrating the multi-layered verse and complex character construction expressed in powerful, articulate language, and performed with verve, style and command. A catalog of programs includes:

Moliere Than Thou finds Moliere forced to perform a solo "greatest hits” of favorite monologues, leading the audience (which occasionally participates) through a hilarious succession of speeches that trace his illustrious career. Mooney plays Moliere in routines from Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, School For Wives and many more. (“Clearly Moliere lives”: Orlando Sentinel; “Best Adapted Work:” San Francisco Fringe Festival)

Lot o’ Shakespeare features one monologue from every Shakespeare play, with 38 monologues in random order, based on the spin of a bingo cage! Jumping randomly from Tragedy to Comedy to History to Sonnets, Mooney briefly introduces each, and dives in, while the audience plays along, each with a unique “BINGO” (or “IAGO”) card! (The first to get four in a row wins a t-shirt!)

Shakespeare’s Histories; Ten Epic Plays at a Breakneck Pace! leads the audience through the chronology of English history, from the Norman Conquest through the birth of Elizabeth I, through Shakespeare’s ten most challenging plays. In one hour, Mooney brings all ten histories into easy comprehension, making sense of some of his most famous dialogue by giving it a passionate, complete, and sometimes hilarious sense of context.

Breakneck Hamlet recklessly slices Shakespeare’s four-hour masterpiece to an inspiring and hilarious one-man hour-long romp! No “melancholy Dane,” Mooney’s breakneck performance reveals Hamlet as a complex, dangerous cat-and-mouse, as two powerful players fight to the death over who gets to be king. “A whirlwind of wonderful.” (KCMetropolis.com)

Mooney’s newest show, Breakneck Julius Caesar, likewise cuts away two hours of diversions and blind alleys to reveal the complex dynamics driving one of Shakespeare’s most challenging works. The audience participates as fellow citizens and conspirators amid “60 cardiovascular minutes that leave his audience shouting ‘Huzzah!’” (Orlando Sentinel)

The Greatest Speech of All Time leads the audience through the far-reaching arc of history, through the speeches most central to the foundation of Western thought. Mooney introduces us to Socrates, Mark Antony, Frederick Douglass, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt's, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King. Each speech gives a sense of "what it must have been like to have been there when these famous words first etched their way into the human consciousness."



Tim Mooney, MFA, AFTRA, and Executive Director/President of the Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre, has given over one hundred thousand students their first introduction to Moliere through his one-man play, Moliere Than Thou, and is turning an even broader group on to Shakespeare with Lot o’ Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Histories; Ten Epic Plays at a Breakneck Pace!, Breakneck Hamlet, and his latest, Breakneck Julius Caesar. Mr. Mooney, author of “Acting At The Speed of Life” and “The Big Book of Moliere Monologues”, is the former Artistic Director of Chicago's Stage Two Theatre, where he produced nearly fifty plays in five years. When Stage Two turned to the classics, Mr. Mooney found himself writing new fun, rhyming versions of the plays of Moliere, most of which are published by Playscripts, Inc and Stage Rights, many of which have been produced around the world. High School productions of many of Mooney's works have gone on to state finals, while Mooney’s Doctor in Spite of Himself has also gone on to finals at the Scottish Community Drama Association, and Italy's Sanremo Global Education Festival. His popular “You Tube” channel, filled with classical performance monologues and workshop clips, has been many students’ “secret weapon” for understanding and presenting classical material. Tim continues to present Moliere and Shakespeare across North America, while teaching classical acting and performing his other one-man shows, including The Greatest Speech of All Time!

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: Middle/Jr. High; Senior High
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: October 2-3, 2014; further dates may be made available upon request.
Special Needs: The staging needs for "Moliere Than Thou" are minimal, but varied, based on the technical abilities of the venue and the staff. The play has been performed in every imaginable setting, but at best is in a studio theatre, with flexible lighting, and the ability to access the audience directly from the stage. Pre-show music, provided on CD, leads in and out of the show, and two technicians for lighting and sound, trained in a 90 minute rehearsal, are recommended. A small table is requested.

"Lot o' Shakespeare" comes with a ready-made slide-show, which plays best on a large cyclorama or white backdrop, and with lighting focused to the other side of the stage (to avoid washing out the slides with light. Again, a lighting operator is requested, along with a slide show operator, and a 90-minute technical rehearsal. A table large enough to hold the Bingo cage and certain props is requested.

Mr. Mooney's workshops demand nothing but a clear performance space, and photocopies of Shakespearean soliloquies (provided).