Tracy Elizabeth Hults

Tracy Elizabeth Hults

Out of State Region
Spring, Texas
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Tracy utilizes theatre arts activities to involve learners kinesthetically, spatial-visually, and interpersonally. Once the students are engaged physically as well as mentally, their learning intensifies, and they become creatively analytical! She helps students tackle concepts from across the curriculum and equips them to succeed in reading, writing, math and science. Tracy can also coach young actors to great achievements, as she proves regularly with theatre programs across the South. She has become a much sought after member of Troupe d' Jour's staff, with a record of success in schools throughout Arkansas. Available to conduct teacher workshops.


Tracy brings vast experience to these arts-in-education companies from varied endeavors. While her training as actor intensified during recent years, her business acumen has resulted in the re-structuring of Troupe d' Jour, Louetta Arts Studio Theater, and all related ventures. Prior to joining Troupe d' Jour, Tracy worked in the business world. While with Mooney Airplane Company, she completed her training in Lean Manufacturing, subsequently setting their highest standards in Quality Assurance Inspection and development of production flow teams. While in the US Navy, Tracy served in Bangor, Washington, initially as a legal assistant to the JAG Corps, in which role she established their correspondence database, arranged community service projects, and organized and implemented their filing systems. She led the team responsible for improving public relations, then served for three years as inspector for utility craft and ammunition mounts, as well as gunner (sniper grade) on watch in Auxiliary Security Force. As a teenager, Tracy competed in pageants, training in modeling and related foci (make-up, interpersonal communication, etc.) with Dylan Modeling Agency. She began acting in high school under the instruction of Roslyn Houghton. Her acting credits include roles in LAST's SPEED THEATERs 2-7, HCC's comedy showcase, and Troupe d' Jour's EnterActiveTM Shakespeare. She has appeared in 4 films and dozens of television spots. In 2008, she appeared as Lady Macbeth in the debut production of the company she had just co-founded, Intrepid Fringe. She appears in the role of Regan in Intrepid Fringe's newest production, King Lear. Tracy is also a produced playwright and published poet. She studies art and is accomplished in photography, American Sign Language, and marksmanship. She has earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Drama at HCC-NW and lives in Houston with her son, Tyler.

Available to conduct teacher workshops.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: statewide
Time Availability: open
Special Needs: None