Zinse Agginie

Zinse Agginie

Central Region
Little Rock, Arkansas
[email protected]

Zinse offers rhythm making with hand drums and storytelling as separate art forms for his residencies. In either case, expect positive dynamics among your students as they realize their own personal creative abilities. With the hand drums Zinse concentrates on teaching his drum ballet rhythms. The drum ballet has grown by leaps and bounds since the first public presentation at the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library. Participants have presented to a meeting of several state governors and continue to present at many dignitary functions. The Drum ballet is included in ‘Class Acts,' the 2006 national film documentary as one of the ten most effective arts programs in America's schools. The Drum ballet was also the strongest catalyst the brought the ‘Coming Up Taller Award' to Arkansas for the first time and only time so far. Schools in many states are regularly request workshops and residencies.

In the typical residency, students are exposed to challenging rhythms that are easy to learn because of simplified teaching methods. The exercise helps them to focus, concentrate and improve general coordination. In some schools where resources are available, Zinse works with music teachers and students to add other musical instruments, example Orff or xylophones to the drum and other percussion instruments.

Stories open the door to reading and writing, usage and comprehension when students re-write the stories in their own words.

Zinse's approach in the educational setting is designed to limit stress by encouraging each student to appreciate his/her own pace, but to always make the best effort to draw out their personal creative potential and other abilities.

The goal of each residency is to support relevant areas of the school curricula previously discussed and planned with teachers or school coordinator. Zinse works with both large or small groups of students and enjoys teacher enrichment or professional development workshops,


2008 Governor's Award winner (AIE) Zinse, was born and partly educated in Ghana, W. Africa. He later moved to England where he studied Psychiatric Nursing and remained in that profession for many years. He is also a diploma graduate of the London School of Printing where he majored in Graphic Arts reproduction Technology. Zinse later moved to Arkansas where he has worked over the past decade as AIE artist. Zinse is also on the AIE roster of Utah and works there regularly as well as other states like OK, PA, VA WVA and TX. He has written and produced plays at high schools and colleges and is also a member of The Gathering, the AR African American Living history program. Zinse uses hand drums for his storytelling and also as a percussive symphony. Both the storytelling and rhythms can support areas of the curriculum –social studies, history, geography and even basic maths.

AIE Program

Preferred Age Level: All ages
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Time Availability: Open
Special Needs: Adequate space to accommodate up to 30 participants. Chairs, good lighting, writing materials and a non-slippery floor are preferred. Other materials as needed. Preferably music room if drumming.