Arkansas Arts Center Traveling Exhibitions

Arkansas Arts Center Traveling Exhibitions

Traveling Exhibitions feature extraordinary works from the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation Collection. Thematic exhibitions provide organizations with the resource to share cultural and fine art experiences with their communities. These exciting exhibitions feature 15-30 works that are framed and ready to be installed for rentals of one month or longer.

The Arkansas Arts Center is also proud to coordinate travel of the Young Arkansas Artists on Tour.

The Young Arkansas Artists (YAA) on Tour is organized by the Arkansas Arts Center with the cooperation of the Arkansas Department of Education.  Selected works from the annual exhibition at the AAC tour the state the following school year. Works by the state’s young artists demonstrate a great range, from the outpouring of youthful expression to more sophisticated artwork from the higher grade levels. YAA on Tour showcases the talent of Arkansas’ youth and inspire young artists to achieve—and perhaps exceed—the talent of their peers in the pursuit of a lifelong relationship with the arts.

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Region: Central
Discipline: Visual Arts: Exhibitions
Fees: YAA on Tour: $500 exhibition fee plus shipping; all other exhibitions: $1,000 / one month, $500 / each subsequent month plus shipping costs
Availability: August 2020-June 2021
Requirements: For YAA on Tour: Exhibition space must be secure or supervised; for all other exhibitions: A gallery-type exhibition space with limited access, moderate security, proper heating and humidity controls, and appropriate lighting. Exhibition space must be approved by the Arkansas Arts Center; please inquire for details.


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Arkansas Arts Center Traveling Exhibitions