Artist's Laboratory Theatre

Artist's Laboratory Theatre

Mission: Artist’s Laboratory Theatre (ALT) creates innovative, community-centric programming that expands the audience’s role in live theatre by inviting them to experiment and explore within the artistic process. The company’s work is primarily site-specific—adapted or created for nontraditional theater spaces such as alleyways, motel rooms, art galleries, farms, and sheet forts. ALT’s repertory includes scripted plays, as well as devised, original work created by the ensemble around specific themes and topics, and usually includes community focus groups in a unique collaborative process.

Productions— Innovative, Community-centric Plays

The popular “Sheet Fort Experience’ is a multi-media performance of “found” content—“Craig’s List” ads, lists, letters, scraps of ephemera—all content collected and developed into a reader’s theater style performance. The show takes place in a giant sheet fort constructed for the performance. Artist’s Laboratory Theatre has shows in repertoire, but can be commissioned to focus on any specific region, community, or topic.

The “Place Project” celebrates the unique identity of your community. ALT will partner and collaborate with a community or organization to create a performance that goes deep into a story, legacy, or ideas inherent to specific places that are unique in the history of the community being celebrated. This type of place performance can be presented in nontraditional venues or theater spaces.

Whosie Whatsit is a panel game show featuring local actors and comedians and following the tradition of several classic game shows such as To Tell the Truth, Match Game, Hollywood Squares, Whose Line, and I’ve Got a Secret. The aesthetic pays homage to the 1970’s, but the content is of all local flavor, and can be adapted to meet your needs. This show is great fun and would be a hit at your next company gathering!

Outreach— Creating with Community
Inter/ACTIONS- Artist’s Laboratory Theatre gets to the heart of the matter by leading groups of community members through performative exercises and facilitated dialogue. The dynamic group experience is meant to serve as a tool for any group of people and organization with specific needs and goals.

Speak for Yourself —A community storytelling show. Artist’s Laboratory Theatre hosts a themed show for amateur storytellers, and is perfect for community groups with any identity and mission.

Region: Northwest
Discipline: Theater: Repertory/Children's Theater
Fees: Fee(s): 800 for your own Sheet Fort Experience (you provide your own programming, party or event); $1500 for the Sheet Fort Experience including a programming (a "found show" from our repertory); $2000 for the Sheet Fort Experience with unique commissioned programming just for you! $2,000-$5,000 for the Place Project (an original site-specific play.) $500 for Inter/ACTIONS facilitated dialogue. $500-1000 for an original Whosie Whatsit; $250 for Speak for Yourself. Travel reimbursements at 46 cents per mile; lodging $130 per day/ or hosted accommodations.
Availability: August 2020-June 2021


Erika Wilhite
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701-6002
[email protected]

Artist's Laboratory Theatre