Breaker/Fixer creates original performances at the intersection of folklore and theatre that include workshop and talkback components. Their performances feature puppets, panoramas, music, poetry, dance, movement, masks, and humor pulled from Ozark traditions.

Committed to generating new works, Breaker/Fixer most recently toured with their one-man-folk operetta “There Ain’t No More,” which won awards at festivals across the country, and has received national recognition, hailed byThe Washington Post as “Powerful…both down home and rainy.”

As a partnership between Joseph Fletcher and Willi Carlisle, Breaker/Fixer is looking for more opportunities to share their work and experience with community centers, libraries, universities, and other groups in Arkansas. In addition to creating more performances, the performers are offering workshops that focus on sharing pathways to creation through their methodology and process that involves avant-garde theatre, music, folklore, and movement-based techniques. Their programming empowers viewers to take part in their own history.

Willi Carlisle / There Ain't No More from Troy R. Bennett on Vimeo.

Region: Northwest
Discipline: Theater: Storytelling
Fees: $500-$5,000, dependent on number of performances and length and type of workshops. $1,000/performance; $500/workshops; Travel and Per Diem negotiable based on length of engagement.
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: 10’ x 10’ non-carpet space for performance; simple warm/cool color lighting system needed; private dressing area for performers


Joseph Fletcher
Fayetteville, AR 72701
(401) 617-9088 | (407) 617-9088
[email protected]