Carousel Orchestra

Carousel Orchestra

The Carousel Orchestra was inspired by carousels and street organs. Using arrangements of marches, gallops, waltzes, and other musical forms from group leader Clarke Buehling's extensive sheet music collection, the trio creates a nostalgic atmosphere for social events, fund-raisers, lawn parties, salons, and beer gardens.The repertoire includes Ragtime, Italian and Spanish music, South-of-the-Border selections, and Celtic and German-Austrian standards.

Members of the group include Clarke Buehling: banjo, mandolin, banjo-mandolin; Walter Schmidt: guitar, banjo-guitar; and Carol Widder: cello.

Here the Carousel Orchestra plays turn of the century parlor music at the 2012 Roots Festival in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Region: Northwest
Discipline: Music: Trios
Fees: $500-$2,000; $200 lodging; $250 travel

Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Venue provides sound—5 microphones; 3 armless chairs


Clarke Buehling
Fayetteville, AR 72702
(479) 571-0781
[email protected]

Carousel Orchestra